14 DIY Holiday Gifts That Can Be Made In Batches To Save You Time And Money

For lovers of all things crafty, the holiday season is the most wonderful time of the year. It gives you the chance to personalize one-of-a-kind gifts without dropping too much cash. Extra points for creating DIY holiday gifts that can be made in batches. This approach allows you to buy supplies in bulk, saving you even more money. And since the same techniques can be used over and over again, you’ll also save time.

Making a large batch of DIY holiday gifts at once does not mean you need to sacrifice personal touches, though. Many of these ideas can be customized on an individual basis. It comes down to being smart about the additional materials necessary. For example, if you are making bars of soap, you can buy multiple molds, fragrances, and dyes. The soap base can be purchased in bulk. As you make the bars, you can use different combinations of dyes and fragrances in each mold. This gives you the chance to make each creation a little different from the next.

Don’t hesitate to give the project a test run before working on the real thing. By the time you begin the batch of small presents, you’ll know exactly what to do. Soon, you’ll be giving out handmade holiday gifts that are more unique than anything from the store.

1. Homemade Sachets

These homemade sachets at eHow prove that the simplest sewing skills make a big difference. With just 1/2 yard of fabric, you can make about 10 pieces. Make a batch in an afternoon, divvy them up, and gift to your loved ones.

2. Infused Bath Salts

In just a few steps, you can transform Himalayan salt into a luxurious bath item. Just add essential oils, mix, and separate into bottles. Visit A Beautiful Mess to learn how.

3. DIY Lip Balm

When it comes to the cooler months, everyone needs a good lip balm. This tutorial by The Merry Thought is the perfect place to start. To make multiple gifts at once, make this recipe on a bigger scale.

4. Cinnamon Vanilla Latte Wax Melts

While everyone loves a good candle, wax melts are easier to split and gift. You don't even need wicks or jars. Make several batches in different scents and add an assortment to a cellophane bag. Find the DIY at Wild Amor.

5. Gemstone Soap

These beautiful gemstone soaps by A Beautiful Mess are surprisingly simple to make. It doesn't hurt that they are easy on the eyes, too. You can make as many as six to eight soaps at once.

6. Gemstone-Shaped Bath Bombs

For another take on the gemstone soap, turn to eHow for a bath bomb version. Consider investing in multiple molds so you can make several in one go.

7. Color Blocked Soap

If you're into sharp patterns and vibrant colors, try this color blocked soap tutorial by A Beautiful Mess. These are just as awesome to look at.

8. Herb-Infused Olive Oil

Please an entire group of foodies by gifting customized herb-infused olive oils. Save money by purchasing olive oil in bulk and splitting it up into simple (yet attractive) glass bottles. Find the how-to at eHow.

9. Painted Glasses

Projects like these painted glasses at eHow can be easily personalized. After all, with just a few colors of paint, you can create a different pattern on every glass.

10. Embellished Pencils

Students, writers, and artists will adore these not-so-boring writing utensils. Purchase pencils in bulk and go crazy with your craft supplies. Find the DIY exclusively at Bustle.

11. Circus Animal Cookie Ornaments

Lovers of sweet treats and kitschy designs will adore these animal cookie ornaments by Studio DIY. A single sheet of clay can make quite a few ornaments.

12. Gingersnap Cookie Butter

There's nothing better than a tasty edible gift. For an exceptionally delicious option, whip up a batch or two of this gingersnap cookie butter on Bustle. Separate into smaller mason jars and add a strand of festive ribbon.

13. Hand-Colored Photographs

In just a few hours, you can add a cheerful pop of color to the year's best memories. Just add each photo to a frame and you're good to go. Find the DIY at A Beautiful Mess.

14. Tie Dye Soap

A Beautiful Mess is at it again with this charming soap DIY. Since the soap dye is added to each individual mold, you can experiment with multiple color combinations.

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