13 Gifts For 'Gilmore Girls' Fans

Before you go to the Chat Club and buy a toiletry kit for that special someone this holiday season, don’t. Don’t give gifts like Luke Danes this Christmas. Give like a Lorelai. Find that perfect present and wrap it up in a snazzy bowtie. If you happen to be looking for a gift for someone who understands the first few sentences of this article, then this may be the perfect gift guide for you. I’ve compiled a Gilmore Girls gift guide for every Lorelai, Rory, and Emily on your list this year.

Since Gilmore Girls aired 16 years ago, went into syndication, hit DVD, started streaming on Netflix, and rebooted with Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, there are generations of Gilmore Girls fans. Every year more people discover the show. And now, all fans (old and new) are still binging or reeling over the recent Netflix revival. When it comes to Gilmore Girls fans, it isn’t one size fits all. But, the reboot is the perfect excuse to revisit Stars Hollow this holiday season with Gilmore-inspired gifts for every fan. Here is a list of 11 of the best Gilmore Girls themed gifts you can find online. Trust me, these items won’t be exchanged for a pornographic monkey lamp.

1. Stars Hollow Subscription Box

$34.90/month, Lit Cube

That's right, it's the Gilmore Girls gift that keeps on giving — all year. The monthly subscription box is basically a care package from Stars Hollow, filled with Gilmore goodies like accessories, prints, and, of course, coffee.

2. Read Like Rory Gilmore

$19, Etsy

Get the Rory Gilmore reading list for the bookworm in your life. Readers can cross off classics from the list of the 339 referenced books on the series. Or, you could purchase one of the Gilmore approved books? Here's the BuzzFeed list of the 300+ titles mentioned on Gilmore Girls.

3. Talking As Fast As I Can: From Gilmore Girls To Gilmore Girls (and Everything In Between)

$16, Amazon

Lauren Graham's new book, Talking as Fast as I Can: From Gilmore Girls to Gilmore Girls (and Everything in Between), is the perfect book for the longtime fan who just finished binging A Year In The Life. Lorelai Gilmore — er Lauren Graham finally answers the questions fans have been dying to know about for decades, like "What went on behind the scenes?," "What did the cast think of season 7?," and "How did the reboot happen?"

4. Eat Like A Gilmore

$16, Amazon

It's impossible to make it through an episode of Gilmore Girls without grabbing a snack. From Luke's diner grub to Sookie's exquisite meals to copious cartons of takeout to Emily's fancy table setting, everyone has dreamed of eating like a Gilmore. And now, we can. Thanks to Kristi Carlson's Eat Like a Gilmore: The Unofficial Cookbook for Fans of Gilmore Girls.

5. Luke's Diner Mug

$15, Look Human

Get the feeling of Luke's diner at home with this Luke's mug. It's almost like being there — but without Kirk, bagel hockey, a grumpy but lovable proprietor, and Luke's famous burgers. OK, it's nothing like being there. But the mug can help you live the dream.

6. Pucker Up With Vicious Trollop

Lip Kit, $12, Urban Tee Farm

The lipstick shade that shocked Emily Gilmore is now a lip balm IRL! Urban Tee Farm has three Gilmore-inspired flavors in one neat little lip kit package. Enjoy Vicious Trollop, Java Junkie, and Spring Break.

7. Gilmore Girls Coloring Book

$6, Etsy

"That takes me back. Coloring. Wow." The colorful characters come to life in this unofficial coloring book. Also, contrary to April Nardini's opinions, you are never too old to color.

8. Doose's Market Tote

$18, Cafe Press

Look like a bona fide Stars Hollow-ite with this Doose's Market tote. Be sure to pick up some plums that are better than sex!

9. Pop Figurines

$8 (each); Amazon

Get the collector in your life Funko Pop Gilmore Girls figurines, in Rory, Lorelai, or Sookie.

10. A Vintage Stars Hollow Tourism Poster

$16, Etsy

The WindowShopGal Etsy shop is full of adorable Gilmore paper products like a vintage Luke's Diner poster and a Santa Burger Christmas card! But, this Stars Hollow poster is perfect for the fan who has always dreamed of small town life.

11. Gilmore-Inspired Pins

$10 (each), Etsy

These punny pins are full of insider jokes! The Copper Boom!, Oy with the poodles already!, and the In Omnia Paratus on the umbrella are all spot on.

Happy holidays!

Images: Saeed Adyani/Netflix; Lit Cube; Etsy (4); Amazon (3); Look Human; Urban Tee Farm; Cafe Press