19 Punny Best Friend Gift Ideas To Make You LOL

As you're checking names off of your holiday list this year, make sure you pay extra special attention to the people who have helped you get through this last gruesome year: your parents, your partner, Beyoncé, and, of course, your best friend. Instead of getting them the same old broken heart friendship bracelet you've been exchanging with her since grade school, pick out one of these punny best friend gift ideas, because the best thing you can give on the holidays is a smile. Trust me, after the year we just had, she'll appreciate it.

Whether you're shopping for your childhood bestie, your college girl gang, your current roommate, or that BFF at work that makes the day more bearable, choosing the right gift can be hard. You want something that is sweet and thoughtful without being too sentimental (this isn't National Best Friend's Day, after all), something practical and useful without being too boring, and, most importantly, something that is unique and personal to the special someone you're giving it to. Believe it or not, there's one kind of gift that has all of those qualities and more: a punny one, of course!

Ready to get your shopping done? Cross one important name off of your list with one of these 19 punny best friend gift ideas. Whether you're shopping for your childhood BFF or your newly anointed work wife, you can never go wrong with some good old fashioned wordplay.

1. T.G.I.Fryday Pin

The perfect punny present for your work BFF, this delicious little pin pays tribute to bot of your favorite day of the week: Fryday, of course!

T.G.I.Fryday Pin, $15, Etsy

2. "Sleigh My Name" Sweater

Looking for a seasonal gift for your bestie? Look no further than this Destiny's Child, winter-inspired sweater featuring punny lyrics you and your BFF know all too well.

"Sleigh My Name" Sweater, $34.99, Etsy

3. Aloe Canvas Tote

Who said puns can't be sentimental? This sweet and funny tote bag proves you really can give your BFF it all.

Aloe Canvas Tote, $19.99, Etsy

4. Quote Wine Glass

For the friend who loves Mean Girls as much as you do, this punny take on one of the movie's most iconic lines makes the perfect quote for a wine glass for your BFF. Just make sure to get yourself a matching one.

Quote Wine Glass, $15, Etsy

5. Ovaries Before Brovaries Print

For the gal pal who loves Leslie Knope as much as you do, pass on these fun words of wisdom made famous by your favorite TV feminist. A perfect addition to any wall or desk, this gift will make you BFF smile every time she looks at it.

Ovaries Before Brovaries Print, $10, Etsy

6. Food Pun Art Print

The perfect print for the kitchen, this hilarious "Beets don't kale my vibe" artwork will bring joy and laughter to your best friend's holiday. Throughout the rest of the year, is the perfect message to give her that little push of inspiration she needs when you're not around to dance it out with her.

Food Pun Art Print, $8, Etsy

7. Food Pun Pencil Set

Need a little something extra to push you BFF's gift over the edge? These food pun pencils, featuring all food-related messages that are oddly inspiring, will do just the trick.

Food Pun Pencil Set, $5, Etsy

8. Adele Cheese Board

Sometimes, the best puns are pretty cheesy (see what I did there?). For the Adele fan in your life who appreciates not only amazing female singers but also delicious cheese, this cheese board, complete with serving knives and a diva-inspired food pun, is the most creative gift you could get. Trust me, I looked.

Adele Cheese Board, $26.07, Etsy

9. Wine-Themed Coasters

Wine and puns go together like... well, wine and everything: perfectly. A fun and useful gift for the vino-loving BFF in your life, these punny coasters will go great with whatever you decide to drink on your next girl's night in.

Wine Themed Coasters, $19.98, Amazon

10. Quote Mug

Let you're best friend know you'll always be there for them with a good pun and a hot cup of coffee. This simple yet funny mug will remind your BFF that you always have their back — in this case, literally.

Quote Mug, $10.99+, Etsy

11. Plush "Catcus"

Does your best friend have a hard time keeping things alive, but is always trying to bring new plants and animals into her home? Help her find the perfect plant/pet combo that can't be killed with this adorable and punny catcus plush. If she manages to let this one die, proceed around her with great caution.

Plush Catcus, $14.61, Etsy

12. "Spit Happens" Necklace

Is your best friend a new mom this year? Remind her you are there for her (and her little one) with a cut and punny baby-themed necklace with a message all mothers can relate to.

"Spit Happens" Necklace, $29.99, Etsy

13. Wooden Pun Sign

A sweet sign that will bring a smile to your plant-loving bestie, this succulent-themed pun is the perfect addition to any home, office, or cubicle. Cute and clever, it's an original gift that blows that BFF bracelet from middle school out of the water.

Wooden Pun Sign, $25, Etsy

14. "Bootylicious" Embroidery Hoop

Because there is no such thing as too many Destiny's Child puns, add this "Bootylicious"-inspired embroidery loop to the BFF who can handle your jelly.

"Bootylicious" Embroidery Hoop, $21, Etsy

15. Kitchen Art

Because you're not always there to remind your best friend not to sweat the small stuff, this adorable poster is. Inspirational messages are best said in puns, after all.

Kitchen Art, $14+. Etsy

16. Bee Happy Ring

Your BFF deserves all the happiness in the world. Remind her of that with this adorable and thoughtful animal pin ring, so cute she'll never want to take it off.

Bee Happy Ring, $30, Etsy

17. Donut Pun Planner Stickers

Another great gift for your work wife, these punny donut stickers will bring a smile to her otherwise monotonous workday. With inspirational messages like "Don't Give Up" and "Don't Stop Believin'," it's a small and sweet present perfect for the office.

Donut Pun Planner Stickers, $2.95, Etsy

18. Pizza Charm Necklace

The best puns are food-related, but this necklace takes it to the next level with its sweet sentiment and adorable charm. When it comes to punny BFF gifts, it doesn't get much better than this.

Pizza Charm Necklace, $24.99, Etsy

19. "Nacho Babe" Tote Bag

Does your BFF always have her arms full of feminist texts? Give her a punny, empowering bag to carry all of them around in, and simultaneously help her broadcast her beliefs to the rest of the patriarchal, brainwashed society.

"Nacho Babe" Tote Bag, $15, Etsy

Images: Courtesy of Brands