The 5 Absolute Funniest Presidential Campaign Moments Of 2016

In many ways, the politics of the past year have felt like an endless parade of bizarre moments testing our collective emotional intelligence. Many times, I have wondered whether I should cry or laugh? For many of us, laughter has provided a crucial medicine. So I have gathered some of the funniest political moments from 2016, in order to reminisce and sprinkle a little levity onto the overwhelming state of the world.

For some people, the antics of the 2016 election cycle may have been a purely depressing display of theatrics, and yet, where there are jaw-dropping campaign moments that only feed into nihilist feelings of political despair, there are also some of the best presidential election memes that capture the side-eyes, horrific quotes, and emotional flubs that helped paint the colorful political landscape of 2016.

Given the unpredictable and unprecedented way events have unfolded in the past year, it would hardly be surprising if the next few weeks provided the final and most terrifying politically motivated laughs of 2016. Regardless, I am keeping the faith that we've seen more than enough up to this point to parse the absurdity. So in an attempt to give you some joy, or at least a cathartic head nod and light cry, I have gathered some of the funniest political moments from 2016.

1. When Jeb Bush Asked An Audience To "Please Clap"

smurfparty on YouTube

In a moment that felt like reliving all of the social humiliation of puberty at once, former presidential candidate Jeb Bush asked an audience to "Please clap" while attending a tepid campaign event in New Hampshire. This is probably the closest Bush will ever experience to bombing at stand-up comedy, and I truly feel for him.

2. When Hillary Clinton Learned To Dab

CBSN on YouTube

Maybe this was truly a dance move she'd been dying to learn, or maybe it was part of her bid to win over voters. Either way, Hillary Clinton learned to dab on Ellen this January alongside Scandal's Tony Goldwin, and none of us will be the same. Your own personal journey dictates whether or not that's a good thing.

3. When Gary Johnson Asked "What Is Aleppo?"

MSNBC on YouTube

There is nothing funny or laughable about the widespread devastation in Syria. However, there is something frightening and darkly funny about staring into the abyss of a man's face while he realizes he had no idea what he's talking about. This is exactly what happened on MSNBC's Morning Joe, when Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson asked "What is Aleppo?" This was in response to a question about how he, as a potential president, would handle the Syrian conflict.

4. When Jill Stein Played Conga Drums

MLive on YouTube

Yes, this happened. In September, Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein played conga drums alongside Martha Reeves and the Bill Meyer Group during a visit to Detroit that she streamed on Facebook. I'm at a loss for words — not for a lack of them, but because there's frankly too much beauty to mine here.

5. When Ben Carson Missed His Cue To Walk On Stage

Matthew Keys on YouTube

Spiritually, we are all occasionally Ben Carson missing his stage cue at the Republican debate in New Hampshire. Just look at his face — so peacefully unaware, like a man who's been dosing himself for 40 years straight and has no idea why he's on stage.

With all of it's terror and surprise, this year provided us with plenty of comedic fodder. But these moments were a few of the more undeniable laughing points from the political circus of 2016.