"IN N OUT MISSION" YouTube Video Is The Hilarious Parody Of Beyoncé's "Partition" We Can All Relate To

Known to be the holy grail of fast food chains, In-N-Out is famous for its juicy burgers, irresistible fries, and out-of-this-world milkshakes. So when Adrian Anchondo took to YouTube with the video "IN N OUT MISSION," our salivary glands were activated.

Recreating Beyoncé's track "Partition," Anchondo performs alongside drag queens for a hilarious take on the sensual track. "I can use a double double with some cheese," one performer sings. Believe me, I certainly could too (it's Wednesday, I think we all could). The video cuts to various scenes of risque dancing and drag queens showing skin, definitely making the clip NSFW. Just wait until the close-up booty shots come around (you've been warned).

One scene shows a plus-sized dancer imitating Bey's signature shadow dance behind a purple curtain. But instead of gracefully showcasing her curves, the dancer lowers fries into her mouth, one by one, and takes dainty sips from the drink. Talk about a turn on. Too bad East Coasters like myself can't hop in the car to my local In-N-Out, as the chain is located in the southwest.

This super-sexual ode to the much sought-after food is too funny not to watch, and surely something Queen B herself would be proud of.

Adrian Anchondo on YouTube

Image: Adrian Anchondo/Youtube