Where To Buy Tarte's Don't Quit Your Day Dream Palette Because It Works In So Many Situations — PHOTOS

This is the stuff that makeup dreams are made of! Tarte's new Don't Quit Your Day Dream palette is amazing because it's totally work-ready and office-appropriate, thanks to the warm-toned and wearable neutral colors contained within. You can do a light wash of color up to your brow bone, with more concentration on the lids and close to the lashline. Or you can layer several of the darker shades and build some seriously smoky drama for a night out with the girls after grinding it out all day on the professional front. The palette "works" on both the business and play fronts! It comes in a hot pink palette that reminds you to never stop dreaming those dreams.

If you scored your dream job or continue to chase dreams, Don't Quit Your Day Dream will be there, making sure your eyes slay all day and all night, no matter the occasion. Where can you buy the Tarte Don’t Quit Your Day Dream Eyeshadow palette?

Don't Quit Your Day Dream Eyeshadow Palette, $29, Tarte

The palette is $29, is limited edition, and is sold via the Tarte site. For a further breakdown of what $29 gets you, here's the sitch. DQYDD hosts seven eyeshadows and one highlighter. Six of those are shimmers and two are mattes.

It's only eight pans of product, but there are plenty of options. You can go with a gold smoky eye, a rosy smoky eye, add a shimmery base for a cat eye flick, and much, more more.

Don't Quit Your Day Dream Eyeshadow Palette, $29, Tarte

Here are further and more specific details about the palette shades. The shadows are as follows: Rock On is a cream color, Visionary is a champagne hue, Loveeee is a light caramel, Boss Lady is a bronze gold, Strive is a golden peach, Runway is a chestnut, and Werk is a pretty brown. Shine On is white gold and is the sole highlighter in the set.

It would be awesome to have this mantra greet you every morning when you go to do your makeup. It's the little things that help you face the day — literally and beyond.

Images: Courtesy of Tarte (2); Tarte Cosmetics/Instagram (1)