15 Fun Hanukkah Accessories That Make Great Gifts For The Holiday

Often, the holiday season feels synonymous with Christmas — sometimes, it's easy to forget that not everyone celebrates. Hanukkah, for example, is a festival of lights for Jewish people during which gifts are exchanged over eight nights. Hanukkah themed accessories make the perfect gifts for any or all of these days — as you'll see below, they're all super cute.

Better still, these accessories can be worn for the entire winter season to celebrate the Jewish faith. There are dozens of pieces of symbolism in the Jewish faith, from the traditional cuisine to the menorah to the dreidels. And if you're not Jewish, these gifts don't have to be lost on you: Gift them to a Jewish friend to show a sense of understanding, respect, and love during this season. After all the holidays are about giving, aren't they?

If the power of the season doesn't compel you, keep it simple: Who doesn't love a themed accessory, just in a general sense — epecially when that accessory is a latke potato pancake ring? From simple, elegant pieces of jewelry to kitschy, vintage memorabilia, this list has you covered not just for your Hanukkah needs, but personal style choices too. Go on and invest in a little something something that represents your love of the holiday.

1. Latke Potato Pancakes Ring

Latke Potato Pancakes Ring, $18.15, etsy.com/neateats

Because the best bit about Jewish holidays is the food, of course.

2. Star Of David Bracelet

Star Of David Bracelet, $7.77, etsy.com/thewillowcrafts

An elegant bracelet that you can wear all year round.

3. Vintage Happy Chanukah Brooch

Vintage Happy Chanukah Brooch, $12.98, etsy.com/jojosjjs

This is an amazing find for anyone who loves everything vintage.

4. Silicone Hebrew/English Bracelet

Silicone Hebrew/English Bracelet, $3.83, etsy.com/natzwristbandz

In Hebrew on the outside and English on the inner, this bracelet reads, "Foolish says what he knows, a wise man knows what he says." A great reminder on the importance of intelligence and wisdom.

5. Wooden Star Of David Necklace

Wooden Star Of David Necklace, $12.98, etsy.com/trendysnake

With an adjustable cord necklace, this can be worn long or even as a choker.

6. Happy Chanukah Friendship Bracelet

Happy Chanukah Friendship Bracelet, $20, etsy.com/mailinjewelry

Made of 100 percent silk with either gold or silver charms, this dainty bracelet is perfect for the minimalist in your life.

7. Messianic Seal Of Jerusalem Necklace

Messianic Seal Of Jerusalem Necklace, $20, etsy.com/judaicabysarah

A sterling silver necklace complete with swarovski crystal that is suitably unisex for any of your friends.

8. Dreidel Earrings

Dreidel Earrings, $15.50, etsy.com/goldenswear

With each side permanently on a Gimmel, you're guaranteed to feel like a winner in these earrings.

9. Hanukkah Sweater Printed Scarf

Hanukkah Sweater Printed Scarf, $36, etsy.com/cyberoptix

Because garish prints aren't just for ugly Christmas sweaters.

10. Star Of David Brooch

Star Of David Brooch, $12.95, etsy.com/pinderella

A beautifully abstract design that will stand out on any garment.

11. Menorah Earrings

Menorah Earrings, $14.99, etsy.com/meloncholymind

One of the most recognised images from the Hanukkah celebration, these menorah earrings are just beautiful.

12. Glitter Dreidel Hair Clip

Glitter Dreidel Hair Clip, $2, etsy.com/lavenderandlilypads

This pretty clip is perfect for anyone who loves homemade presents — who said it had to be homemade by you?

13. Hanukkah Sweater Necktie

Hanukkah Sweater Necktie, $36, etsy.com/cyberoptix

The ultimate gift for those who are a little bit more butch.

14. Crystal Dreidel Pendant

Crystal Dreidel Pendant, $16, etsy.com/tanyakovalchukjewels

Attach to a charm bracelet or to a chain, this pendant can be added to any piece of jewelry you like.

15. Dreidel Patterned Bow

Dreidel Patterned Bow, $4, etsy.com/itsabowthing12

With four different options to back your bow — alligator clip, french barrette, bobby pin or hair tie — this bow can be added anywhere and to any hair.

That's more than enough accessories to have you covered for the eight days of Hanukkah and beyond. Make sure to grab at least a few of them before the Jewish festival of lights.

Images: Courtesy Brands