When Does ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ Come Back? Season 2 Won't Make You Wait For More Musical Antics

After another wacky few weeks in West Covina, California, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 2 will go on a brief hiatus after “Who’s The Cool Girl Josh Is Dating?” airs on Friday, Dec. 9. But not to fear, things are business as usual — the musical dramedy took a midseason break during its first outing, too, so this isn’t anything new for Rebecca and her zany crew. So when does Crazy Ex-Girlfriend return this time? The CW has yet to announce an official date, but a little online digging turns up a pretty good time frame.

According to a press release that made the rounds in mid-November, Crazy Ex is slated to wrap its second season on Feb. 3. Since it has a 13-episode order and seven will have already aired, that leaves six more in the pipeline. Some backwards math and a trusty calendar then puts its midseason premiere on Dec. 30, assuming the Feb. 3 date is correct. That means the show will only be on pause for two weeks — just long enough for fans to rip themselves away from the television for some family time during the holidays. It’s actually quite a shift from last season, which saw a two-month gap between Episodes 8 and 9. In comparison, two weeks doesn’t sound so shabby.


It’s unclear why The CW switched up the Crazy Ex schedule this time around, but it’s certainly a welcome change. This season has already cranked the drama to level 10 — even by Rebecca’s standards — and a lengthy break would’ve been far too agonizing.

At the top of the season, Rebecca and Josh were finally dating, sort of, but she was taking things much more seriously than Josh (and started wondering if Greg was actually the one for her), so he dumped her. Then, only four episodes in, Greg (Santino Fontana) exited the series during a heart wrenching airport goodbye, officially squashing the ongoing love triangle between him, Rebecca, and Josh.

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Later, Rebecca got a visit from the one guy she definitely doesn’t want. Remember Trent, her former Harvard classmate who is not so low-key obsessed with her? Yeah, he made a pretty misguided comeback. Oh, and Rebecca somehow wound up being friends with Valencia, which was a shake-up almost no one saw coming. Aside from that development, though, Rebecca is pretty much where she was in Season 1: still single, still pining, and still avoiding her problems.

Basically, Rebecca has a lot left to figure out, so Crazy Ex-Girlfriend needs to get back stat. Maybe Rebecca will find more clarity in the second half of the season or maybe her life will fall further into disarray. Either way it'll be entertaining as hell, and luckily the fates that be have kept the wait time short.

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