9 Tweets On Being Plus Size During The Holidays

The holidays are primarily about food, presents, and fun, but being plus size during the holidays comes with its own set of connotations. Perhaps the type of fat shaming that occurs during the holidays stings more because this is meant to be the season of good cheer and goodwill. Whatever the reason, living in a plus-size body during this time of year comes with a unique set of challenges.

Whether it's discussing "winter bodies" and planning January diets, or trying to navigate the weird world of body-shaming advertisements, being fat can feel like a true cross to bear. That said, there's still plenty to celebrate during this season

The following tweets focus on the good, the bad, and the ugly — no, not ugly sweaters — experiences of being plus size during the holidays. Don't worry, it's not all bad news. Sometimes, all it takes to get you through a particularly annoying time of year is to remember that there's a group of people out there going through the same stuff, and they totally understand how you feel. While it doesn't mean that fat discrimination will go away, it's the perfect time of year to celebrate the lovely little moments that make it pleasant to be plus size. Consider the following tweets to be an accurate representation of the scope of the plus size holiday experience.

1. "Feeling" Fat

Trying being fat. A plus-size body isn't a negative thing, nor is it a joke. The connection between being full or eating a lot with being fat is a dangerous one, especially when it's used to mock fat bodies.

2. Associations Of Greed

Being fat and being greedy or having a large appetite aren't synonymous. By promoting these negative associations with plus-size bodies, it only goes on to further the idea that plus-size bodies are negative.

During the only time of year when stuffing your face is encouraged and almost everyone speaks positively of the food they're going to consume, you would hope people would take more care in not associating said comfort eating with being fat. (As if fat is the worst thing that a person can be.)

3. Finding Clothes

It's not always as easy finding the perfect plus-size Christmas party look as it is for your straight-size friends. But when you do find it? The joy is unparalleled.

4. The Upcoming New Year

Not everyone starting a diet in January is fatphobic, but a lot of the language involved can end up feeling that way.

5. Fat Shaming

It happens all year round, and that includes Christmas. Being dolled up to the nines, feeling your best, and being out and about even during the nicest time of the year can still lead to fatphobic abuse. While people are more likely to drink and be merry, that drink may encourage a few to be more open about their body-shaming opinions.

6. Outfit Roundups

Getting to see other plus sizers' holiday looks is truly delightful, especially given the extra glitter and shimmer involved. There's a certain kind of joy in seeing other people love themselves and their bodies, which only grows during this season, when you know these outfits are for special occasions over the holidays. Plus, these outfit roundups serve as great inspiration for your own Christmas list.

7. Christmas Lists

The question on everyone's lips while looking over their friends' purchases and outfit ideas: Can I get that in plus size?

The sheer joy of finding plus-size clothes you love and knowing you can get it from Santa is just as much fun as awaiting presents as a kid. Scouting out pieces you may not necessarily be able to afford yourself and knowing you'll finally get them is one sweet deal.

8. Help From The Community

If you're struggling to find the perfect outfit, the plus-size community will always help you out — which is exactly the spirit of Christmas, isn't it? If there's ever a time for sense of community, it's this time of year.

9. Outfit Pics

It will never stop being brilliant to see plus-size women unabashedly love themselves and their outfits. Even more so when these are special outfits especially chosen for holiday celebrations. The more the merrier and the spreading of goodwill is the most Christmasy thing ever, right? And these looks definitely serve as inspiration for accessorizing and styling our own holiday outfits.

Just like the rest of the year, there's positives and negatives to be found with existing as a plus size person. The sooner we stop the negatives happening, the more we can enjoy the positives and enjoy Christmas fully.

Image: Courtesy Amanda Apparel