This Is The Best Way To Handle Rejection

If you haven’t been on Twitter today, you’ve missed the current hashtag trend making the rounds. People all over Twitter are using the #HowIHandleRejection hashtag to express how they handle all sorts of rejections, from breakups to being fired to not getting a job to some even bragging about never being rejected at all… yeah, right. We’ve all been rejected. I was just rejected five minutes ago when the bodega closed in front of my face before I could even walk through the door to get the peanut ice cream I’ve decided I can’t possibly live without.

The most interesting part about rejection, is how we handle it. Some of us cry. Some of us send angry emails. Some of us drown our sorrows in wine. Some of us eat our feelings. While there are those of us, like me, who do all of the above then pretend our phone was hacked the next morning when we reread all the things we sent after all that crying, boozing, and eating. But, in the long run, we're usually better for the rejection we've experienced. You know, we grow from it.

With hundreds of new tweet results popping up every few minutes, it was hard to narrow it down to the funniest.Here are 21 funny tweets from #HowIHandleRejection trend.

1. With Food And Tears

2. With Awesome Mad Men References

3. With Something Sweet

4. With The Karate Kid

5. With Wine (Under The Office Desk)

6. With Bacon

7. With Dramatic Screaming

8. With Movies And Masturbation

9. With A Page From Beyoncé

10. With Saturday Night Live References

11. With A Michael Scott-Style Tantrum

12. With All The Important Stuff

13. With Ice Cream

14. With Donald Trump-Like Behavior

15. With A Nap

16. With Pizza

17. With Pickles

18. With Wine (While Wearing A Gown)

19. With Dawson's Epic Cry Face

20. With A Little Bit Of Everything

21. With The Meltdown Of A Three-Year-Old

Images: Fotolia; Twitter