Edible Chocolate Nails Are Now A Thing

Nails have had quite the year. For the most part, it's been great, seeing as how chrome and holographic patterns remain popular, standing the test of trending time. However, on the other hand, sometimes the things people haven't thought of yet should probably stay that way. That's how I feel about edible chocolate nails — you read that right — edible. chocolate. nails.

Created by Jessie Mills of @nailitnz (who also did the Polish Mountain challenge), these chocolate nails literally put the sweetest touch on anything, and they're easier to make than you might expect. Mills simply swirls chocolate icing onto the nail and then dots them with pearl-like sprinkles. Let them dry, and they're yours for snacking. (Ew.)

While I might be one who's eager to try new trends and experiment every now and then, I don't think it'd be very safe for a prone snacker like I am, not to mention anyone trying to kick the nail-biting habit! Plus, exactly how long does one have to keep their hands from smearing chocolate icing everywhere before they're dry and ready to eat?!

I'm also not sure what kind of reactions people would receive if others saw them eat the "polish" off their finger. Whatever your feelings, though, there certainly is no denying that this trend is, well, sweet.

Do you think you'd try this trend out?

Talk about the ultimate finger food.

Just remember, this is all for fun! I'm sure Miles doesn't even take this mani seriously.

Images: nailitnz/YouTube