Christen Dominique's Clothing Line Is Adorable

YouTubers are constantly coming out with different products. Normally it's a collab with a brand or a makeup line of their own, but this vlogger is doing things a little differently. Christen Dominique has created her own clothing line, and trust me when I say you're going to want every single item. What's in Dominique's Ellise & Co. line, you ask? There's not much to start, but what is there is all about comfort.

When most beauty vloggers step into the fashion realm, it usually just means posting outfits to their blog. Well, not this time. Dominique has created her own clothing store and collection. So far there are only three items available to shop on the site. They're all graphic tees and focus on watercolor for their designs.

The shirts are just her first collection of the site, according to her Instagram post. All three tops are a part of the Professional Dreamer Collection. According to her site, it was inspired by free spirit and the inspiration that comes from wandering.

"I want to inspire people to boldly embrace their dreams no matter how big of small," it says on the Ellise & Co. website. "Let them know it's ok to aimlessly walk with no boundaries."

What I love the most about this line is that you could easily dress each of the piece up or down. Plus all three designs range from $23 to $26, so they won't break the bank either. Here are all your shopping options so far.

1. Imagine Vee Tee

Imagine Vee Tee, $26,

This top is available in white, pale blue, and pink as well. It's perfect for relaxing or can be dressed up with a great jacket.

2. Dreamcatcher Tank

Dreamcatcher Tank Tee, $23,

It might be the middle of winter, but the shop offers a tank as well.

3. Wanderer Crew Neck

Wanderer Crew Neck, $26,

The last is this adorable tee that comes in white or pale pink.

Still looking for some outfit inspiration? Allow Dominique to show you. She proves just how versatile the looks are in her lookbook.

If that didn't sell you, then I don't know what will!

Images: ChristenDominique/Instagram (1)