The Kylie Shop's Phone Cases Are Too Cool

When it comes to creating an empire, nobody does it quite like Kylie Jenner. Not only did she cause a shopping frenzy with her pop-up location, but she also launched an entire online store full of merchandise. Each piece is covered with her name and/or likeness, and people actually want to buy it. So, if that doesn’t prove she’s winning at life, I don’t know what does. How much are The Kylie Shop phone cases? You’re going to want to carry this accessory everywhere, and therefore, keep the Jenner name alive.

But, I mean, who could blame you? These are covered with the Kylie Cosmetics Logo and also remind you of what made Jenner known in the cosmetics world in the first place, her lips. You can cop one of four different designs (or all of them!) for just $15 a piece. These are the cheapest items she has on the site, aside from the Arthur George socks, so if you’re looking to squeak out a purchase without breaking the bank, these cases are exactly what you need to add to your cart.

Each one was still in stock at the time of publication, so be sure to head over to The Kylie Shop to scoop them up before they’re gone. Don’t deny your urges, you know you want to get in on the Jenner merch-buying action!

These are made to fit the iPhone 6, 6+, 7 and 7+.

As you can imagine, they're quite the popular buy.

1. Kylie Drips iPhone Case

Kylie Drips iPhone Case, $15, The Kylie Shop

Cop a phone case to match your Kylie Cosmetics packaging while you can. The fact that these are still in stock is pretty incredible.

2. Kylie Jenner Lips iPhone Case

Kylie Jenner Lips iPhone Case, $15, The Kylie Shop

You can now rock Jenner's claim to fame on your phone.

3. Pink Lips iPhone Case

Pink Lips iPhone Case, $15, The Kylie Shop

The logo you know and love.

4. Multi Lips iPhone Case

Multi Lips iPhone Case, $15, The Kylie Shop

For a Kylie Cosmetics logo to match all of your outfits, cop this accessory.

Images: thekylieshop/Instagram (1); Courtesy The Kylie Shop (4)