Kristen Bell's "Snowman" Live Is the Best 'Frozen' On Broadway Audition Ever — VIDEO

Now here's a Frozen cover we actually want to watch — over and over again. We all know that Kristen Bell wants a Broadway adaptation of Frozen so that she can star in it, and now it looks like she might have just auditioned. On Wednesday night, Bell tweeted a video of herself singing "Do You Want To Build A Snowman" live at an unidentified event and we plan to watch it all day because it's amazing.

The actress opened her performance at the event celebrating the record-breaking Disney film by praising Anna as a character. She told the audience that she'd wanted to be a Disney princess since she was 5-years-old (seriously, she's not just saying that) and explained why Anna is special to her. Bell said of the character, "I was able to help shape a type of heroine that I wanted to see, that I would identify with when I was five to 10-years-old. I'm so proud of Anna because of all of those things." Us, too, girl. If she started out this intro with "I want to be your Anna on Broadway because," it absolutely could've passed for audition introduction.

But anyway, Bell went on to sing ALL THREE PARTS of Anna's "Do You Want To Build A Snowman" — it was actually so great (not perfect pitch-wise, but the fact that she did it in different voices was unreal) that I had to check whether or not she actually sang those parts in the movie. (She didn't.)

Basically, she nailed it — so if you future producers of Frozen on Broadway are out there, I hope you've seen this. And I hope you want to build a snowman, ASAP, because we need this stage-adaptation even more now — starring the Bell and the rest of the film's cast, of course.

Watch what we hope was Bell's Broadway audition here: