14 Easy Gifts For 'Bachelor' Fans

by Hannah Shapiro

It's the most wonderful time of the year. There is holiday cheer, laughing babies, presents, twinkling lights, and The Bachelor is set to return early January. Honestly, all I want for Christmas is Nick Viall to go on his own personal journey and find love with one of the 30 hopefuls on his upcoming season. There's sure to be tears, drinking, and lots of making out in front of a bunch of cameras. My excitement for the season is as pure as newly fallen snow. But, before his run begins, there's another important holiday. So, if you have friends who love the show as much as you do, I've collected a list of easy gifts for Bachelor fans that will delight the inner-Chris Harrison in every Bachelor Nation member.

Obviously the greatest gift of all will be Nick's return to TV to find love for the fourth time. But, until January comes, these cheap and easy gifts will tide fans over. The Bachelor is more than a television franchise, it is a cultural phenomenon. Some may say the show is bigger than the holidays itself. Others may say that's not true. Still, here are some gift ideas for your fellow fans.

1. SheLift Donation

Bachelor contestant Sarah Herron she started a charity to help inspire young girls to live their dreams. You can check out her website and make a donation in the name of a friend here. You can donate directly or buy a nifty SheLift product like these phone cases for $18.99.

2. Bachelor Wine

Guys, The Bachelor has its own brand of wine. With names like "The Fantasy Suite," "One on One," and "The Final Rose," these wines are probably delicious. Now you can theme your Monday night drinks to the show itself, for only $15.96!

3. The Perfect Letter

Chris Harrison is more than just a pretty face that comes in to announce the final rose. He is an author. Nothing says Bachelor gift like words written by The Bachelor man himself. And at $1.99, his romance novel is a true bargain.

4. Goofy Bachelor Mug

There are a wide range of Bachelor related mugs on the market. I think this one for $12.99 is funny because it's an honest warning to friends and family. Get your Bachelor friend a mug that she can fill with coffee and truth.

5. Baby Clothes

Does your Bachelor obsessed friend have a little one? Get that baby some sweet bachelor gear. It's both cute and strange. Look at this adorable onesie for a baby, priced at $14.95.

6. Bachelor Blanket

What's the best way to watch the Bachelor this January? Under a warm, fleece Bachelor blanket. Get your Bachelor fan friend the toastiest gift on the market for $29.95.

7. Bachelor Bingo Boards

There are many fun ways to watch the Bachelor. One is to turn it into a game! Make Nick Viall's season a fun activity you can participate in with this Bachelor bingo board. It's a gift you and your friends can enjoy together for just $8.00.

8. A Sweet Bachelor Card

Write your loved one a romantic message on this Bachelor inspired card. There's nothing more personal than a love note inside a card inspired by the very concept of love. Plus, it's just a pretty card. Priced at $5.00.

9. Bachelor Bro Hat

Not all Bachelor fans are ladies. There are plenty of hyper masculine men who just love a good rose ceremony. If you have a friend like this, a Bachelor trucker hat is the perfect gift at $16.95.

10. Jade & Tanner Tank

There are very few Bachelor couples as lovely and perfect as Jade and Tanner. They met on the beaches of Mexico on the incomparable Bachelor in Paradise. Get the $25.00 tank top that will let your friend scream support for the couple.

11. Stickers!

Want a gift that will really stick? Get these Bachelorette stickers. It's a bad pun but a great gift idea for your Bachelor obsessed friend. A cheap $3.75.

12. The Show Itself

Get your friend a copy of 'Best Of The Bachelor' so they can watch their favorite moments again and again and again. Cause there is no better gift than the show itself. Plus, a DVD is so old school. And, it's only $3.50.

13. Bachelor Boxer Shorts

Let your man represent the show even when he sleeps. Give him the gift of Bachelor boxer shorts for $12.99. Who knows? They may become his favorite pair of underwear.

14. A Shirt For A Dog

Dogs wearing clothes is already funny. Now imagine a dog representing The Bachelor. It costs $22.99 for your dog to become a style icon.

I hope this list helps you find the perfect Bachelor related gift. It's the holiday season. Or as it's also known, the pre-Bachelor season. It's a reason to celebrate, so celebrate with one of these fun gifts.

Images: BecauseOfACase.com, BachelorWines.com, Barnes&Noble, CafePress.com (4), Walmart.com, Etsy (5), Amazon (1)