This Hack Stops Eyeshadow Fallout With A Maxi Pad

If you're a foundation-then-eye makeup kind of gal, you know there is nothing more annoying than applying the perfect concealer/contour/highlighter combination only to have eyeshadow rain down and ruin it while you're trying to master your smoky eye. Per usual, the internet has found the solution for keeping eye makeup from ruining your foundation, and it involves...a sanitary pad.

Yes, you read that right. All you have to do to keep your eyeshadow from getting all over your face is stick a pantyliner to your face. It may sound jarring (especially if you're anything like me and haven't so much as laid eyes on a maxi pad since middle school) but according to beauty bloggers it really does work.

For a hack so genuinely life-changing, it's shockingly easy. All you have to do is cut a sanitary napkin in half and stick the pieces round side down under your eyes. Since the products are already sticky (for, erm, their normal function of sticking to your underwear so you don't bleed everywhere) they'll adhere easily to your skin. Then, apply eye makeup as you normally would, and the pad pieces will catch any excess runoff. When you're done, peel the pad pieces out from under your eyes and voila — your flawless face will still be in tact.

If you share a bathroom, just make sure you warn your roommate about why you have feminine products stuck to your face while you're doing your makeup.

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Images: Youtube; Courtesy of Brands