Secret Santa Gifts You Can get Shipped Overnight

by Kaitlyn Wylde

So you agreed to be part of a Secret Santa group this year and you feel really relaxed about the whole thing. You feel so relaxed, in fact, that it's the night before your gift-swap... and you're realizing you never even made the time to buy the gift. Life got in the way, and the stressless concept of Secret Santa left you just a little bit too namaste about the whole thing. The holidays totally snuck up on you, when just a few days ago they seemed so far away — now, you can smell them and you can feel the expectant anticipation from your giftless recipient to-be. Do perfect last-minute Secret Santa gifts even come with overnight shipping?!

Now, you're panicking, you're thinking about going to the local bodega and getting your Secret Santa some packaged cookies, or even just writing an IOU. You're also considering making up an elaborate story about stolen goods and lost boxes and shipping delays. But there's no reason to freak out and there's no need to tell a tall tale. There are tons of online retailers that offer overnight shipping. So you can get that thoughtful nice gift, on time.

Here's a list of the places that are going to save your lazy or last minute butt this holiday season:

Terrarium Kit

Orb Appeal Geode Terrarium Kit, $30, Modcloth

Give your friend a gift that they can customize. It's fun to build and it's a perfect year-round decoration. Modcloth offers over night shipping with some restrictions depending on your shipping location and date of purchase.

Party Makeup Kit

Glossier Black Tie Set, $50, Glossier

Glossier's latest box set is the perfect combination of make up for any holiday party. The limited edition kit includes a popping' '80s lipgloss, a tickled pink nail polish, a brand new highlighter, a eyeliner pencil and a black silk ribbon to wear as you please. Rush orders for one to two days are available for an extra fee.

Skincare Kit

The Super Pack, $65, Glossier

Give the gift of dewey, healthy skin to anyone you love. You don't have to be big into beauty to appreciate an even complexion and hydrated skin in the depths of winter. Rush orders for one to two days are available for an extra fee.

Sparkling Flask

Skinnydip London Don't Hesitate to Flask - St. Tropez, $25, Nasty Gal

This flask is so cute and shiny it looks too innocent for booze. Perfect for the fashion-forward drink-smuggler. Overnight shipping available if you put your order in before Dec. 22.

Celestial Phone Case

Zero Gravity Orion Phone Case, $30, Nasty Gal

This snazzy phone case keeps the phone protected but still shows off its natural color. Overnight shipping available if you put your order in before Dec. 22.

Sparkly Headphones

Skinnydip London Heart is in the Pyrite Place Headphones, $60, Nasty Gal

Because headphones can be an accessory, too. And rose gold is always the answer. Overnight shipping available if you put your order in before Dec. 22.

Feather Slides

Fair Feather Friend Slide Sandal, $38, Nasty Gal

Because slippers are boring and feathers are way cuter than micro fleece. The chances that anyone you get these for already has a pair are very slim. Overnight shipping available if you put your order in before Dec. 22.

"Natural" Candle

Great Outdoors By Jac Vanek, $25, Nasty Gal

For the person who likes the idea of the outdoors, but would really prefer to stay indoors (hey, #nojudgment). Overnight shipping available if you put your order in before Dec. 22.


Jac Vanek Ideas Journal, $16, Nasty Gal

For your creative friend who likes to party, here's a perfectly tongue-in-cheek gift that they can actually use. Overnight shipping available if you put your order in before Dec. 22.

Real Nature Candles

Any 2 Mason Jars, $45, Brooklyn Candle Studio

For the friend who actually does like the outdoors and can tell the difference between lemongrass and lemonade. Pick any two scents and have them delivered overnight via FedEx for an additional fee.

Holiday Candle Set

Holiday Gold Travel Candle Set, $48, Brooklyn Candle Studio

From the same amazing artisanal candle company, you can also get a holiday set that will burn on into the new year, leaving your house smelling like a festive forest.

Unicorn Colored Credit Card Pouch

Aimee Kestenberg Credit Card Wallet, $48, Aimee Kestenberg

This is a super simple gift that anyone can appreciate. Sometimes it's nice to leave the wallet at home and just slip your cards into a slim pouch. This funky little thing comes in various colors and patterns and is available for next day shipping for an extra fee.

Jewelry Pouch

Jewelry Pouch, $48, Aimee Kestenberg

Perfect for the friend who's always losing rings and things! This funky pouch will make their lives easier. Plus, it's available for next day shipping for an extra fee.

Passport Case

Italian Leather Passport Case, $33, J.CREW

This swanky Italian leather passport case comes in pink and gold and is perfect for your world traveling friend. Overnight shipping available for an extra fee.

Hotel-Style Bathrobe

Luxor Linens Spa Robe , $50, Amazon

For the friend who always threatens to steal the hotel bathrobe, get them this lux robe that's just as good. Now they can be cozy and dry without incidental charges. Available for overnight shipping for Amazon Prime members.

Satin Pillow Cases

Sweet Dreams Luxury Satin Pillow , $9, Amazon

Satin pillowcases not only make you feel more luxurious in bed, but they're better for your skin and hair. So really, they're a triple-whammy for anyone.

Trolls Dog Toy

Trolls Satin And Chenille Plush Large Dog Toy, $13, Petco

For the friend who loves their dog more than any of their other friends, get them a toy for their dog and win their heart. Petco offers one-day shipping on these Troll dolls so get a bunch and make a gift basket out of it!

Amazon Echo Dot

Echo Dot , $50, Amazon

Who doesn't want a digital butler? This small, portable speaker will play music on vocal command, tell you about the weather, warn you about traffic, and help you order things from your Amazon account without lifting a finger. Amazon Prime member can chose overnight shipping options for this gift.

E- Gift Card

Bliss E-Gift Card, $ Any, Bliss

OK, if all else fails, you're down to the wire and you really dropped the ball on shopping ahead of time, get a gift card that you can download and print out and include in a handwritten greeting card. Gift cards for services are more thoughtful than for retail because they involve some consideration. Get your friend a value equivalent to a massage and she'll be stoked.

Images: NBCUniversal Television Distribution; Modcloth (1) Glossier (2), Nasty Gal (6), Brooklyn Candle Studio (2), Aimee Kestenberg (2), J.CREW (1), Amazon (3), Petco (1), Bliss (1).