This Insanely Pretty Cleanser Looks Like A Rose

There's nothing the internet loves more than a gorgeous beauty product, and we've officially found the prettiest one ever by way of Kanebo's Evita Rose Soap. The cleanser not only smells like a rose, but it comes out of the bottle looking like a rose, too. If Glossier did a top shelf profile on any of the Disney princesses, there is no doubt in my mind that they would all have this product.

The way the Evita Rose Beauty Soap by Kanebo works is pretty simple: You press down on the two tabs on either side of the bottle, and the cream is pushed out through a stencil that transforms it into the shape of a rose. Carefully scoop it out and voila— you officially have the most beautiful blob of face wash ever formed.

Other than it's unique dispensing method, the beauty soap is pretty much your basic anti-aging cleanser. It's technically meant for older women who are lacking moisture in their skin, but young girls are completely obsessed with it too (surprise, surprise). The product launched in Japan in September, but it looks like the only way we can get our hands on it in the US is via eBay... though as usual you should be wary of fake products or those with broken seals. If you speak Japanese, you can try purchasing it on TaoBao (brb, downloading Rosetta Stone stat).

The only problem is, it's so pretty you won't want to rub it on your face!

Gorgeous, right?

Everyone can't wait to get their hands on this hard-to-find product.

I mean, look how much fun everyone is having in this ad for it.

Your next best bet if you can't find it stateside? Book a flight to Japan and find it IRL.

Images: Tara Tochigi/Youtube