So You're From South Shore Massachusetts...

The South Shore of Massachusetts is a unique place. Though we love the Red Sox, HATE the Yankees, and consider ourselves Boston Strong, the South Shore has its own culture that is very much distinct from Boston's. And don't you forget it.

After moving to Long Island for college, I realized that the South Shore has many traits that are foreign to the rest of the world. If you're from the South Shore, you know what I'm talking about: There are some things only we can truly understand. Here's how you know you're a true native.

You grew up by at least one river, lake, or farm (if not all three)

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The rivers and lakes have names no outsider can pronounce, and they are far from swimmable.

You know that Marylou's is by far the best coffee in the world...

For some reason, drinking iced coffee from a pink straw is just better. The words Funky Fanabla also have a deep meaning to you, even if you've never tried one.

...But get anxiety if there isn't a Dunks within eyeshot of you at all times

There are at least five Dunkin Donuts' in your small town, and at times, even that doesn't seem like enough.

You know that New York pizza has nothing on classic bar pizza

And you will always remain faithful to the pizza joint your parents raised you on. Sorry to all the Town Spa and Lynwood lovers out there, but I was brought up on Cape Cod Cafe (the original in Brockton), so it will always reign supreme.

And love the creamy goodness that is Peaceful Meadows ice cream

You will take fresh, farm-churned ice cream over that processed crap any day.

You spent at least one week down the Cape every summer

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No matter how many times you go there, you will always prefer it over any other beach destination in the United States.

Which means you know the only thing worse than regular traffic ... is Cape traffic


You know all the best routes, but end up getting stuck no matter what.

Sometimes, you choose to go to Nantasket over the Cape to avoid said traffic and tourists

You made the best of it by sunbathing on a rock at high tide.

Where you drink from the bubbler

Which is wicked thirst-quenching

In elementary school, you learned more about native americans than this

Try sleeping at night after learning a red-eyed wolf haunts the woods in your backyard.

You know what a wish chip is

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You know, those cool, folded-over chips that you eat in one bite? Us South Shore kids know they possess magical powers, and have been making wishes on them since elementary school.

Your idea of fine dining is the 99. And D'Angelos will always reign supreme over Subway

It's a "rotary" — not a roundabout or a traffic circle

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And you drive like a Masshole. (and are damn proud of it)

You have the worst road rage of anyone you know. Anything under 70 on the highway is slow.

You love South Shore Plaza, no matter how crowded it is

But, if you're feeling fancy, you go to Derby Street.

You went on at least one field trip to Plimouth Plantation, and know that Plymouth Rock is nothing special

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Though Plymouth is one of the most beautiful places to be during the summer.

You Went To Water Wizz, because it was closer

Pirate's Plunge was THE BEST, even if you almost lost your bathing suit every time. It may not have been Water Country, but it's been in a couple movies lately, which makes it pretty cool.

You know exactly where Steven Tyler and Steve Carell's houses are

If you're lucky, you've even run into them in the grocery store.

And you're a diehard Patriots fan

You spend your summers watching the Pats practice for free, and have at least one signed memorabilia item hanging in your basement. Now that Gilette stadium has it's own mall, there's no reason not to spend every weekend there.

Gotta love this place.

Images: Marylou's; Cape Cod Cafe Pizza; Peaceful Meadows; Water Wizz