'Rogue One' Doesn't Need A Post-Credits Scene

Those of us who love a good franchise — Captain America, X-Men — love a good post-credits scene (or two). Post or mid-credits scenes are so popular among big, superhero blockbusters, they have become a staple of Hollywood films at large. For example, Toy Story 2 has a bit of a gag post-credits scene starring Barbie, as does Toy Story 3. Not to mention the playing of movie bloopers during the credits — a popular device used mostly by comedies like Ghostbusters and Rush Hour. With the most recent addition to a huge franchise, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, getting ready to hit theaters, fans are wondering, does Rogue One have a post-credits scene?

Star Wars is not known for its post-credits scenes. In fact, no Star Wars movie has ever had one. However, fans have reason to be hopeful that Rogue One might break the norm. After all, Rogue One is the first Star Wars standalone film and the first Star Wars movie without an opening crawl — it's already breaking all the rules. But, alas, despite its rebel nature, Rogue One doesn't have a post-credits scene. Before you get too disappointed, though, remember the movie basically has a post-credits movie already available for your viewing pleasure.

Rogue One doesn't need a post-credits scene because it already has a sequel ready to go in Star Wars: Episode IV — A New Hope . Fans looking for a post-credits scene to tease Episode VIII or the next standalone film, another prequel about Han Solo's life pre-Luke Skywalker encounter, might be disappointed, but given the drastically different storylines between all three movies, the absence of any such teaser makes sense. Rogue One takes place 30-plus years before Episode VIII, and is completely separate form the Han Solo movie, any post-credits scene linking to either film would be out of place and forced.

Moreover, Rogue One ends right as Episode IV begins. That's right, the movie doesn't take place one or two years before A New Hope, it takes place pretty much the day before. So, if you're disappointed by Rogue One's lack of a post-credits scene, then you might want to make sure you've got A New Hope geared up and ready to go for when you get home after the movie.

Images: Walt Disney Studios; fysw/tumblr