11 Secret Santa Gifts For TV Fans

We used to gauge a show's popularity by what people talked about 'round the water cooler at work. Thanks to social media, we don't always look to our coworkers for television gossip. So, with the holidays around the corner, what are some good Secret Santa gifts for TV lovers? Here's a guide for what to get someone no matter what shows they're into.

There's also just so much quality TV right now that even if you and your Secret Santa recipient both love the couch potato life, it's likely that the shows you watch are all totally different. I'm never going to watch Breaking Bad, and I've made my peace with that. That makes choosing a gift for a stranger hard sometimes. You may know what they're into, but nothing about the show or what makes a particular gift good.

So, I have assembled a smattering of gifts from popular shows and television moments in 2016. There are also a few things that aren't specific to a show, but could be appreciated by any fan. My options are creative, but not too thoughtful or romantic. They're work appropriate, and all under $20.00 — a pretty standard Secret Santa price limit. Here are some gifts that just say, "Hey, I know you like this thing" without being weird about it.

1. Talking As Fast As I Can by Lauren Graham

Fans of Gilmore Girls and Parenthood have probably been dying to read Lauren Graham's memoir, which is easy to pick up at a store, or on Amazon for $16.99.

2. A Stranger Things Coffee Mug

Everyone needs to have their own mug at work, and what better way to rep Chief Hopper? This mug from Jordandene is $20.00 and perfect for Stranger Things fans.

3. The West Wing Weekly Pin

Whether the Aaron Sorkin fanatic at your office listens to Joshua Malina and Hrishi Hirway's podcast or not, this $15 pin is a classy gift for West Wing buffs.

4. Lannister Shot Glass From Game Of Thrones

Because that's what you do. You drink, and you know things. This $6.99 House Lannister shot glass is the perfect simple GOT gift.

5. The Westworld Soundtrack

Everyone is obsessed with the emotionless player piano covers of rock songs on the HBO series, but might not think to buy the soundtrack on CD, which is only $13.98 on Amazon.

6. A Pop Funko From The Walking Dead

These Walking Dead figurines are great for your desk, cost only about $10.99 on Amazon, and let every TV fan show their pride. Granted, Negan might not be the best choice for every TWD lover right now. If you're not sure how your coworker feels about Season 7, maybe go with Rick, Michonne, Daryl, or Carol.

7. This Luke Cage Enamel Pin

If you're really short on time and cash, grab some tape and a can of Café Bustelo and make a real replica. However, this $8.00 Luke Cage pin from Etsy is super cute.

8. A "Vote Knope" Parks and Recreation Sticker

Ah, if only. This Knope 2016 sticker is only $9.95, a small price to pay to keep that dream alive.

9. This Mad Men Magnet

There are a lot of fun options under $20 on the official Mad Men merchandise site. Personally, I'm partial to this Betty Draper quote — and who couldn't use a $5 magnet?

10. A Remote Control Organizer

For the generic TV fan, this is a practical choice. Everyone has way too many "clickers" these days, and this remote organizer is $15.50 on Amazon.

11. An HDMI Streaming Stick

An affordable casting aid, like this one that's $18.99 on Amazon, is perfect for someone who loves to stream television but tends to do so by staring at their laptop or phone. Getting a gift for your tube-obsessed coworker this holiday season doesn't have to be too hard. If all else fails, you can't go wrong with an iTunes gift card — maybe include with it a list of recommended shows to check out. That way, it's just personal enough for Secret Santa.

Images: Tyler Golden/The CW; Amazon (5); Etsy; Gold Label Goods; NBC Store; HBO Shop; Jordandene; Cotton Bureau