Melissa Heholt & J.Cole Have Been Together Forever

If certain rumors turn out to be true, it's been a pretty big week for J. Cole fans. According to lyrics in one of his latest releases, "She's Mine," it seems there's a chance that J. Cole and wife Melissa Heholt may have recently welcomed a daughter. So far, the news hasn't been confirmed, and much like his wedding to Heholt, the whole thing has been shrouded in a good bit of mystery. And since the rapper is notoriously a private person, it can be pretty hard to find info on his private life, especially where his marriage is concerned. So when did Cole and Heholt start dating? It sounds like they go way back.

According to E! Online, J. Cole and Heholt first met while attending St. John's University in New York, and started dating while they were still in college. They were together for 10 years when they quietly tied the knot, which means this couple has serious staying power. Maybe it's because they've managed to keep the details of their relationship under wraps for so long? It has to be hard to accomplish something like that, especially living in the spotlight, but so far, these two have made it seem like a breeze.

And unfortunately, since Cole does keep his private life private, there isn't any other information out there about what his life with Heholt is like. His Instagram only consists of 32 posts, all of which relate to his career, despite the fact that I'm sure his 1.2 million followers are dying to know more about his personal life.

In fact, one of the only times Cole has spoken about his love life was in a 2013 interview with Hip Hop Canada when he was asked about his take on marriage. He stayed totally vague, and nothing he said revealed anything other than the fact that he was in a long term relationship. He said, "In my experience, when you’ve been in a relationship for as long as I’ve been in one, there’s no real difference. It’s just a piece of paper that validates what was already real."

Here's hoping that if he and Heholt did have a baby, he'll spill the beans soon. We may never see a photo of their reported little one, but it sounds like his family is living happily ever after.