What’s In Daisy Tomlinson For Molly Cosmetics? Your Lips Won't Be Able To Handle It — PHOTOS

Today's unexpected news: Louis Tomlinson's sister has paired up with everyone's favorite Silisponge creators on a collection of liquid lipsticks. It's a marriage of all that is internet holy, a perfect union of that which goes viral. Throw in a meme and it's 2016 (minus the horrible parts). So what's in the Daisy Tomlinson for Molly Cosmetics collection? Feast your eyes on this action.

Announced via Instagram, because of course, the collab is a collection of 12 liquid lipsticks ranging from nude to bright to burgundy, with the obligatory pastel lavender and gray thrown in (the gray is named "Marble," shoutout to bloggers everywhere). While the colors have a matte finish, the metallic lip trend reigning large is also covered with a frosty pink, iridescent wine, and sparkly copper. They hit every mark — this collection is canny AF, and exhibit A, Tomlinson's photo has 16.2 thousand likes.

Coming out mid-January, according to Tomlinson's Insta announcement they'll be available worldwide, as befitting an English celeb partnering with a Hong Kong-based brand. There's no word when the collaboration originated (Tomlinson started posting teasers of the production process nine weeks ago), but lips seem of special significance to the family. Her older sister, Lottie, received a tattoo of their mother's lips, recently revealed in honor of her death.

Molly Cosmetics shot to fame for their sponge innovations (if you've been living under the sea, it's silicone! That's the whole thing) but the brand also offers face and nail products, and some liquid lipsticks to shop before the Tomlinson collection drops.

With this high-profile venture into cosmetics, who knows what the brand will come up with next. The bar is high, as bars tend to be when you break the blending game on the first try, but this is definitely an interesting next move.

As for whether the Tomlinson siblings will show their support via lip color, no word yet. We can hope.

Images: Daisytomlinson.deakin/Instagram