15 Plus Size Jumpsuits For Anyone Who Wants To Switch It Up From Party Dresses

The holiday season has been well underway for awhile now and gathering outfits for each important event is just part and parcel of the holidays. A party dress is a staple for this season, but what about different options that will make you stand out? A plus size jumpsuit, for example, is a great way to change it up without stepping too far out of the realm of formal. A statement piece that will — if nothing else — at least keep you that little bit warmer.

Not only do jumpsuits make for a killer look for any dinners or office parties, but they can also be worn much more casually too. A velvet jumpsuit worn with sneakers can so easily be made into an evening look with the addition of some heels. The jumpsuit is a versatile creature, one that is sure to last long in your wardrobe, be worn often and complimented even more so.

Whether this look is for morning, noon or night; to be worn again and again or as a one time show stopper; it's an investment in making you look and feel great. Which is the kind of investment that's worth any amount.

1. Wrap Jumpsuit With Three Quarter Sleeve

Wrap Jumpsuit with Three Quarter Sleeve (Available to size 24), $43, asos.com

This rust tone jumpsuit is exactly what it means when a garment is versatile enough for day or night.

2. V Neck Chiffon Jumpsuit

V Neck Chiffon Jumpsuit (Available to 3x), $29.90, forever21.com

A wide leg jumpsuit that has the layering trend built in for you.

3. Choker Satin Jumpsuit

Choker Satin Jumpsuit (Available to size 20), $35, boohoo.com

Also available in red and black so the whole squad can wear matching.

4. Off The Shoulder Ruffle Jumpsuit

Off The Shoulder Ruffle Jumpsuit (Available to 3x), $105, rue107.com

That intricate gold foil detail makes this jumpsuit feel extra special.

5. Blue Jumpsuit

Blue Jumpsuit (Available to size 24), $120, evansusa.com

If you're going for a statement look, you may as well go for a statement color too.

6. Belted Jumpsuit In Kimono Print

Belted Jumpsuit in Kimono Print (Available to size 28), $76, asos.com

Because florals definitely aren't just for spring.

7. Jumpsuit With Collar Detail

Jumpsuit with Collar Detail (Available to size 24), $37, asos.com

Why buy a choker when your outfit can have one built in for you?

8. Sequinned Strappy Jumpsuit

Sequinned Strappy Jumpsuit (Available to size 20), $70, boohoo.com

From Jordyn Woods' Boohoo collection, this jumpsuit is the ultimate party piece.

9. Abstract Art Jumpsuit

Abstract Art Jumpsuit (Available to 3x), $68, rue107.com

But we all know the real piece of art is you, of course.

10. Mono Aztec Jumpsuit

Mono Aztec Jumpsuit (Available to 2x), $115, evansusa.com

The perfect outfit for anyone who loves monochrome looks.

11. Black Jumpsuit With Embellished Neck

Black Jumpsuit with Embellished Neck (Available to size 30), $39, yoursclothing.co.uk

This way you don't even have to worry about jewelry.

12. Metallic Culotte Jumpsuit

Metallic Culotte Jumpsuit (Available to size 20), $44, boohoo.com

Not all jumpsuits have to have a full length leg, as proven by this killer culotte version.

13. Chartreuse Jumpsuit

Chartreuse Jumpsuit (Available to 3x), $98, rue107.com

Recently spotted on model Felicity Hayward, this is the ultimate velvet look for the season.

14. Off The Shoulder Lace Choker Jumpsuit

Off The Shoulder Lace Choker Jumpsuit (Available to size 20), $50, boohoo.com

Also available in red, for those not into the all black everything life.

15. Belted Jumpsuit With Kimono Sleeve

Belted Jumpsuit with Kimono Sleeve (Available to size 28), $68, asos.com

Rock this look at any time of day and still be the best dressed person in the room.

With this list, hopefully all your jumpsuit dreams have been answered. There's plenty of special occasion looks to choose from, the difficulty lies in which one to choose.

Images: Courtesy Brands