Unsaving Instagram Posts Is As Easy As Saving Them

Awesome news for Instagram lovers today: You can now save posts on Instagram, ensuring that you will never again lose track of a photo or video you wanted to revisit later. What's more, how to unsave posts on Instagram is as easy as saving them in the first place — just in case you decide you want to clean up your "Saved" tab a little bit. Sometimes, you just don't want, say, those photos of your ex hanging around.

First, though, what does it mean to save a post on Instagram, exactly? This new feature, announced on Wednesday, allows you to bookmark any post into a private tab on your IG profile that is only visible to you. If you're someone who enjoys finding recipes, travel suggestions, or excellent memes that are not yet appropriate, but will be eventually... well, this one's for you.

Hitherto, if we wanted to save anything we found on Instagram, we've had to screenshot images on our phones or or try to copy and paste the text into another file; however, that can get messy and confusing, as well as lead to things getting lost. Having everything organized in a "Saved" tab makes it super easy, and allows you to credit the original posters properly later on. To save a post on Instagram you've decided you want to preserve forever (or at least for the next week), you simply tap the "bookmark" icon beneath said post.

If you later find you've... well, let's call it outgrown some of your saved posts, the good news is that you can unsave them just as easily. A little virtual spring cleaning never hurts, right? Here's how it's done:

1. Go To Your "Saved" Tab

This is what your "Saved" posts look like. You'll find the tab right on your profile page; tapping it leads you here. And remember, only you can see your "Saved" tab!

2. Select The Post You Want To Unsave

When you select the post you want to unsave, it'll fill the entire screen, as seen here. Once it does that, you'll notice the little "bookmark" icon on the post is filled in as black.

3. Tap The "Bookmark" Icon

This will cause it to turn from black to white, which means you have successfully unsaved your post. Easy, right?

Have fun, Instagrammers! And maybe the memes be ever in your favor.

Images: Getty Images; Hannah Caldwell/Bustle (3)