17 Last Minute Cheap Gift Ideas, Because It's Never Too Late For Now

Every year I tell myself I'm going to start my holiday shopping early, and not end up looking for last minute cheap gift ideas on the wire. I tell myself that I'm going to actually take advantage of Black Friday and that I'm going to be a sale hound and be so ready to roll with gifts long before the holidays approach. And yet, every year I'm in the same position: it's late December and I've managed to get myself a few things that I didn't need, but haven't done any shopping for the people on my gift list.

If you have the same holiday shopping tendencies that I do, then you know how stressful it can be in the final weeks of December. And the truth is, you're not lagging on the gift train because you don't care, really it's the opposite. You care so much that you want to get just the right gift for everyone which ends up slowing down the whole process. You're so particular about what to get for whom, so in the end, you're just crunched for time.

But don't fret, here I've put together a list of last minute gifts that not only have expedited shipping options, but that appeal to all different kinds of personalities and interests. These are the kind of last minute gifts that seem like early season purchases. Because the last thing you want it to worry about letting down your friends and family with those last minute gifts that are so much more obvious like soap baskets and gift cards, let's be real. Here are the best of the last minute gift options:

Visionary Pillar Candle

Don't just get any candle, get a candle that comes with an intention and fun spiritual theme that feels impossibly personal. These artisanal candles are not your average dinner table candles.

Palmistry, $40, Coreterno

Bath Soak

This citrusy blend of salts helps to detoxify the skin and reduce redness and inflammation. Perfect for athlete in your life, but helpful for anyone!

Indie Lee Grapefruit Citrus Bath Soak, $28, The Stell

Calming Bath Salts

The young professional can never have enough effective calming tools in reach, amirite? This relaxing bath salt soak smells delicious and helps your body relax even when you're wound up.

Herbivore Botanical Calm Bath Salt, $15, The Stell


These gorgeous notebooks will cheer up any desk and are thin and flexible enough to fit in any bag. They're perfect for all ages.

Birch Notebooks Set of 2, $14, Mullein & Sparrow

Planet Necklace

Catbird is known for their gorgeous upscale jewelry, but this casual stamp necklace is just as fun. It's unisex and comes with various icon options.

Catbird Planet Stamp Necklace, $12, Mullein & Sparrow

Relaxing Body Oil

Lavender is an incredibly relaxing scent and the process of putting on body oil is an equally relaxing ritual. Together, these ingredients make for a super luxurious gift that anyone would appreciate.

French Lavender Body Oil, $18, Mullein & Sparrow

Mini Candle Sampler

If you can't decide which sent you want to get, get a sampler set to ensure that one is a winner. These decorative gold pots are definitely a bonus.

Sample Set 4 Gold Mini Candles, $25, Brooklyn Candle Studio

Brightening Face Oil

In the dead of winter, we could all use some brightening face oil, TBH. This oil is packed with vitamins and essential oils that will make anyone glow.

Uma Mini Ultimate Brightening Face Oil, $16, Ayala Beauty

Herbal Tea Set

This fennel-infused tea kit comes with a variety of different herbal remedies for digestion, and even PMS.

VOYA Fennel Fusion Tea, $18, Ayala Beauty

Silk Sleep Mask

Not only does silk feel amazing on your skin, but it's actually really good for your skin. It can keep you from breaking out if regular cotton-blend eye masks have challenged your skin in the past.

The Goodnight Co Sleep Mask, $40, Ayala Beauty

Mulling Spices

This decorative little jar has everything you need for mulling this season, plus it will look cute just sitting in the kitchen, major bonus.

Little Apple Rose Mulling Spices, $, Terrain

Facial Steam

Facial steams help both to open your pores and detoxify your skin and to relax you. This is the perfect time of year to gift someone with a high-end botanical facial steam.

Fig + Yarrow Botanical Facial Steam, $24, Terrain

Adjustable Fern Ring

Sometimes it can be hard to buy someone jewelry, especially rings when you don't know their sizes. This gorgeous ring is totally adjustable and one-size-fits-all.

Fern Frond Ring, $38, Terrain

Honey Flight

This honey flight includes raw wildflower honey and a neat carrying case. Perfect for the foodie or tea lover.

Bee Raw Wildflower Honey Flight, $48, Terrain

Fancy Dessert Plate

If you want to appear like an adult, get someone a fancy dessert plate. This gorgeous Scandinavian plate will look good on any table.

Scandinavian Meadow Dessert Plate, $28, Terrain

Hot Toddy Mixer

Have you every had the great idea to make a hot toddy only to realize you have half the ingredients? Yeah, you and everyone else. Someone will definitely appreciate having this around.

Oliver Pluff & Co. Lemon Ginger Hot Toddy Spices, $24, Terrain

Champagne Cocktail Kit

Perfect for the traveler, the champs lover and the person who understands the value of a good elderflower cocktail on the go.

Carry On Champagne Cocktail Kit, $24, Terrain

Images: The Stell (2), Ayala Beauty (3), Coreterno (1), Brooklyn Candle Studio (1), Mullein & Sparrow (3), Terrain (7), Pexels (1)