Watch A Painfully Awkward 'Jeopardy' Exchange

Oh Jeopardy. When you're not keeping our parents and grandparents riveted after dinner, you're giving us so many reasons to laugh and wince at you. Every episode of the game show is filled with awkward banter. Host Alex Trebek does his best to make interesting small talk with the contestants, but they usually fall flat, landing somewhere between boring and just plain awkward. On Wednesday, however, Jeopardy had it's most awkward conversation yet, and though that honor is highly sought after, this one clearly wins since it involves accusations of child labor.

Yeah, it went there. Contestant Tom Cavanaugh answered Trebek's seemingly innocuous question about the documentary he's been working on with an unexpected jab at the host. After describing his own experience visiting a sweatshop and how it inspired his documentary, Cavanaugh said, "maybe you can find out the names of the 8-year-olds who made your fancy suit there, Alex." BOOM.

Cue the wounded "ooooh" from Trebek and a similar reaction from the studio audience. Cavanaugh then innocently asked, "Was that too low? Was that a low blow?" Good for Cavanaugh, raising awareness of his (very important) cause, but considering that contestants usually reserve this time for telling stories about their cat, I think it might've been a little too shocking for Trebek and everyone watching.

Watch the video below, but be sure to skip to 1:30, or else you'll have to watch the usual, mind-numbing interviews before getting to the amazingly awkward one.