Where Can You Buy GlamGlow's Tinted PoutMuds? These Balms Just Got Even More Accessible

No winter wonderland would be complete without flaky, dry lips, and yet somehow, no one sings about it. However, segue, people have been singing the praises of GlamGlow's new lip tints, "wet look lip balms" that'll get your lips through the dry days and heated nights. Where can you buy GlamGlow's tinted PoutMuds? It just got a little easier.

Previously exclusive to Nordstrom, the tinted balms launched on GlamGlow's website Dec. 14, giving you ever more options to point loved ones toward for holiday presents (you might also put the new Volcasmic moisturizer on your list). Six shades of PoutMud join the original iteration, among them hot pink #HELLOSEXY, pink nude Love Scene, nude Birthday Suit, red Starlet, berry Sugar Plum, and coral Kiss & Tell.

What sets this balm apart from every single other one on the market? One, it's the second coming of Juicy Lips, in look if not name or claim — it gives lips the same moisturized and lightly tinted finish. And two, it is so, so moisturizing. The formula includes sweet almond oil, cocoa butter, murumuru butter, shea butter, tamanu oil and babassu oil, along with "Kombucha Extract and TEAOXI® Moroccan Mint Leaf," so I can only assume it gives you the full health benefits of kombucha (jokes, jokes).

Potted balms tend to polarize people, but aesthetically alone, they look gorgeous — the color concentrated inside their shiny silver packaging is a undeniably pretty, on par with any of their masks. In swatch photos posted on GlamGlow's Instagram, the pigment looks equally concentrated in action.

This is the one for people done with balms that don't actually give any color, if that's your peeve. If the wet-look, uber-pigmented finish is speaking to you, keep an eye out for Maybelline's coming Baby Lips Color Balm Crayons — the swatches and concept are super similar.

But if you're in an instant validation kind of mood, the PoutMud is going for $19 on GlamGlow's website. There's a pun with "lickety-split" here somewhere.

Images: Glamglow/Instagram