How Do Kyber Crystals Work In Star Wars? The Minerals Are A Key Aspect Of The Force

Star Wars is full of fun and interesting mythology. There are X-Wings and TIE Fighters that engage in spectacular aerial dogfights. There are lightsabers, Wookies, and Ewoks. There's The Force, with its light and dark sides. Most casual fans are familiar with all of these terms, as they have become ingrained in popular culture. But there's a ton of Star Wars mythology out there that stretches beyond the basics, like kyber crystals. But just what are these unique minerals, and more importantly, how do kyber crystals work in Star Wars?

Kyber crystals are what give lightsabers their power. Without kyber crystals, there would be no lightsabers. They're a rare but naturally occurring crystal that are very in tune with The Force. Jedi actually use The Force to help them select their kyber crystal, as certain crystals are drawn to certain people through The Force. Think of it as being similar to the way wands choose wizards in the Harry Potter universe. Once a Jedi and kyber crystal find each other, the Jedi will then use his kyber crystal to craft his or her lightsaber, which in addition to creating a pretty sweet weapon, will also help the Jedi use The Force in other ways as well.

Kyber crystals vibrate inside a lightsaber, and Jedi use these vibrations to achieve balance within The Force. For an example of this, think back to The Force Awakens. When Rey is losing her lightsaber battle against Kylo Ren, she pauses and closes her eyes. What she is very likely doing in this moment is focusing on the vibrations of the crystal inside her lightsaber in order to find her center in The Force, and then use it to turn the tide in her battle. Even though she didn't choose this crystal, she clearly shares some sort of connection with it; something that will surely be revealed in a later film.

Another thing kyber crystals do is change color based on their owner. Naturally colorless, the crystal will take on the hue of its associated Jedi's personality. This is the reason why villains like Darth Vader, Kylo Ren, and Darth Maul all use sinister-looking red lightsabers — their kyber crystals turned red due to their owners being of the dark side.

Kyber crystals are a pretty essential artifact for the Jedi, and I think it's safe to say that without their existence, the mythology of Star Wars would be a lot less interesting.

Images: Walt Disney Pictures/Lucasfilm; Giphy