Instagram’s Bookmark Option Is A Game Changer

If you're like me and continually screenshot 10-plus photos per day from your Instagram feed, you are going to love Instagram's new bookmark option to save posts for later. This new function is definitely a game-changer, especially if you continually waste photo space on your phone with screenshots from of your favorite outfits or makeup tutorials.

Instagram launched the bookmark function today, and it's so simple to use. When you come upon a photo you want to save or revisit, like your favorite blogger's outfit of the day, all you have to do is tap the bookmark icon and watch the photo move to a saved posts folder that are for your eyes only — none of your followers will be able to see your saved posts. To access the saved posts, head over to view your own profile and click on the same bookmark icon.

There's no doubt that Instagram has contributed to some of the biggest changes to social media in 2016 with the app's addition of Instagram stories, Instagram live, and disappearing photos. The company does a great job of adapting to the changes and new features users want, and I strongly believe that there isn't a group of users who benefit from this latest addition than fashion and beauty lovers. You may just find your next go-to way for saving pieces you want to shop, tutorials you want to watch, and makeup or fashion looks to inspire your next #selfie face.

Here are seven ways I think fashion and beauty gurus can utilize Instagram's new bookmark function.

1. Create A Fashion Lookbook

If you love getting outfit inspiration from fashion bloggers, then you will love how you can save your favorite #OOTD photos into your saved folder. It's almost like a mini Pinterest within Instagram!

2. Mark Your Favorite Beauty Looks

Make sure to hit the bookmark icon in the post's righthand corner when you see some killer hair and makeup ideas so that you can try them the next time you're not sure what eye or lip look you want to rock.

3. Access Those Favorite Beauty Looks At The Salon

Have you ever been at a salon to get your hair or makeup done and can't find that one photo of Selena Gomez that you took a screenshot of (because #hairgoals)? Thanks to Instagram's new feature, you can have all of your favorite saved looks in once place to easily access in pinch.

4. Follow Brand Launches & Exclusive Sales

If some of your favorite fashion and beauty brands are launching new products or having special sales at specific malls or stores, you're going to want to mark down the date. Compile a list of your must-buys and must-see events.

5. Create More Space On Your Phone

Instead of taking up precious phone memory with a million screenshots you probably won't go back and look at later, create more space in your phone with this new function. (And if you didn't mean to bookmark a post, you can simply unmark the photo by clicking on the bookmark icon again.)

6. Collect The Best Fashion & Beauty Quotes

Some of the most influential bloggers, designers, hair stylists, and makeup artists have some of the best fashion and beauty quotes that will be sure to motivate you on any bad hair day.

7. Save Quick Video Tutorials

Thanks to Instagram increasing the length of videos from 30 seconds to a full minute, makeup and beauty tutorials can be more elaborate than ever, giving you more detailed steps on how to complete a new look. You may not even have to check out that many YouTube videos if you save your favorites with the bookmark function.

Who knows what Instagram has up its sleeve next, but if this latest function is any indication, I am excited to see what's in store.

Images: @instagram/Instagram