The Most Right-Swiped Names On Tinder In 2016, Because Luke And Hannah Are Killing It

What's in a name? Well, maybe your Tinder success rate. Tinder has released their top 10 most right swiped names for men and women in 2016 — and the sexiest ones might surprise you. I'm not really sure what makes a name more or less sexy or swipe-able. Maybe the ones that you can imagine yourself shouting out in bed? But then, that can be deceiving — I can't imagine myself yelling out the name 'Colin' in theory, but you show me Colin Firth climbing out of a pond in Pride and Prejudice and suddenly it's a very interesting prospect.

There are some things that can make a name a definite turn-off, like if you have a bad association with the name from an ex or if it's one of your family member's names. My dad is named Leonard, one of my brothers is named Leonard, even his dog was, for a time, named Leonard — the chances of me dating a Leonard are pretty effing low, no matter how great they might be.

So, what types of names made the list? Well, unsurprisingly they're all pretty common names. The more common the name is the more it appears, so the more swipes it was going to get. But there are a lot of really popular names out there, so it was interesting to see which names were getting the most love... or at least the most Netflix and Chill invites:

Female Names

1. Hannah


Maybe it's the Girls effect (it definitely isn't), but Hannah came on top for female names.

2. Emma


Emma is always a really popular girl's name, so no surprise to see it high on this list.

3. Lauren


I don't think of Lauren as being a super popular name, but apparently it's sexy enough to be getting swipes.

4. Julia


It's my cousin's name and my second cousin's name, so definitely one of those ones I wouldn't be swiping.

5. Emily


Another really popular girl's name, so it makes sense it would be here.

6. Rachel


This name will always make me think of Friends, plain and simple.

7. Samantha


I blame Samantha Jones for this. Her legacy is enduring.

8. Katie


This is my girlfriend's name, albeit spelled differently, and I swiped right to her so no arguments there.

9. Anna


A solid choice for a right swipe.

10. Sara


There were girls in my school named Sarah who desperately wanted it to be spelled without the H, maybe this is why.

Male Names

1. Lucas


I don't get Lucas as the top pick, but maybe that's because when you're like me and have the same name as a Star Wars princess you tend to avoid Lukes.

2. Ryan



3. Matthew


Very common and very solid.

4. Nick


Nick is popular with both boy bands and Tinder, apparently.

5. Josh


I've watched too much Crazy Ex-Girlfriend to make a good judgment call on this name.

6. Brandon


Nope, I don't see it.

7. Justin


Another boy band classic.

8. Ben


Ben I can get on board with— good, solid, reliable Ben. Dammit.. it's because of Parks and Rec. I'm thinking of Parks and Rec.

9. Adam


This is the filler name I use whenever I can't think of a guy's name. Apparently, so do parents.

10. Andrew


Rounding off the top 10 is Andrew, which is also the name of at least 80 percent of the guys in my high school.

Did your name make the cut? If not, don't worry. There's more to life than a name and less common names can be pretty damn sexy. But keep an eye on your swiping and see if the name if influencing your thumb — maybe that Lucas doesn't really deserve your right swipe.

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