19 Gifts To Get That Person You're Kind Of Sort Of Maybe Dating But Not Really

There's really nothing like the holidays to put weird pressure on a new relationship. When you're just getting to know someone and you've only hung out a few times, the last thing you want is any outside influences forcing you guys to define things. Alas, the holidays are always around to do just that. Between your family's prying questions and the conundrum over what gift you should get the person you're kind of sort of maybe dating but not really (or if you should even get them a gift at all!), it's an incredibly confusing time for a new relationship. Do you take them to your office holiday party? Do you make plans for New Years? There's so much to plan and to celebrate, and yet you still have no idea if this person if going to be in your life forever or barely make it past Christmas.

The last thing you want to do is make someone feel uncomfortable because you got them something and they didn't get you anything, or vice versa. But at the same time, it's a festive season, you're feeling generous, and you want to get them something, so what the heck! Just do it. No one was ever sorry to receive a gift! But make sure you get them something that isn't going to make them feel seriously indebted or awkward if they didn't get you something too. Here are a few low-pressure gift options for that special someone who maybe isn't that special but definitely is something:

Argan Oil

Pure Series Argan Oil, $28, Mullelin & Sparrow

This luxurious oil is amazing for your face, your hair, your nails and even dry patches brought on by winter weather. It's definitely an all-purpose beauty product that anyone would appreciate.

Notebook Set

Delfonics Antica Notebook Set , $30, Club Monaco

The perfect gift for someone that you're getting to know. You can never have too many notebooks and this cute bundle is a low pressure gift for sure.

Fancy Candle

Gourmand Candle, $14, Urban Outfitters

A fancy, sweet-smelling candle is always the right move. This macaron rosé smells like dessert tastes.

Champagne Kit

Carry On Champagne Kit, $19, Amazon

This carry-on champagne kit is perfect for the world-traveling champagne lover who likes to have their mimosa and drink it too.

Rap Year Book

The Rap Year Book, $13, Amazon

For the music lover, here's a coffee table book that's both informative and entertaining.

Faux Fur Hat

Faux Fur Trapper Hat, $25, Urban Outfitters

This super fuzzy and warm hat is perfect for the holiday season, and will match anything.

Bike Adventure Book

Fifty Place To Bike Before You Die , $19, Amazon

If you're kind of sort of maybe dating someone who loves to bike, this book will give them major inspiration. Plus it's a great conversation starter.

Bon Iver Album

Bon Iver 22, A Million LP , $26, Urban Outfitters

The new Bon Iver album is magical. Also, it's not too romantic, so it's not presumptuous in any way. It will give the two of you something to do together: have an old-school listening party.

National Parks Book

National Geographic Complete National Parks , $22, Amazon

This epic complete collection features each United States National Park in all their glory. This book will give the two of you something to talk about for a long time.

Cook Book

Appetites: A Cookbook, $23, Amazon

Everyone loves Anthony Bourdain. This new book is bound to make anyone inspired in the kitchen, so this gift could totally work in your favor.

Beer Chiller

Chillsner, $16, UncommonGoods

Any beer drinker can appreciate a device that instantly chills a beer. The bonus is, you can use this device for any liquid.

Old School Beer Mug

14th Century Beer Stein, $34, UncommonGoods

This hand-sculpted piece of pottery is as old-school as you can get. Gift it to a beer drinker or anyone who appreciates relics.

Dual Action Sunglasses

Bottle-Opening Sunglasses, $30, UncommonGoods

These Tom Cruise-esque wayfarers double as bottle openers. #Winning!


Stainless Steel Growler , $30, UncommonGoods

This stainless steel growler is super durable and lightweight. Use for beer, use for water, use for whatever you like.

Whiskey Stones

Whiskey Stones Classic, $20, Whisky Stones

These reusable freezable whiskey stones will cool down any cocktail.


Hella Bitters Full Set, $38, Amazon

Everyone can use a bitters set for their home. These unique flavors will turn anyone into a swanky mixologist.


Abraham Moon Scarf, $36, J.Crew

If you're feeling really unsure of where you stand in your relationship, get them a scarf. There's no underlying meaning, there's no romantic connotation, and it's really cold outside.

Tie Bar

Stainless Steel Anchor Tie Bar, $21, J.Crew

This nautical stainless steel tie bar is pretty basic, and says no strings attached. It's also pretty useful and will a much-appreciated little gift.

Cashmere Beanie

Cashmere Hat , $48, J. Crew

This soft, warm, cozy dream will be received with much gratitude this icy holiday season. If you'd give it to your brother or sister, it's safe to give to your maybe boyfriend/maybe girlfriend/maybe just a friend.

Images: Fox, J.Crew (3), UncommonGoods (5), Club Monaco (1), Barnes & Noble (2), Amazon (1), Urban Outfitters (4), Hella Bitters (1), Whiskey Stones (1), Terrain (1)