9 'Esteemed Electors' Tweets That Make A Desperate Plea To Stop Donald Trump On Dec. 19

With the days winding down until the Electoral College casts its votes on Dec 19, many Americans are becoming increasingly desperate to appeal to the hearts and minds of potential faithless electors. As Jill Stein's recounts proved ineffective and Donald Trump's conflicts of interest have had no effect on changing who the president-elect will be, faithless electors seem to be the last line of defense against four years under a President Trump.

People have been calling on electors to align their votes with the popular vote ever since Nov. 9, but with new revelations of possible foreign influence in the election, those calls are now stronger than ever. So far, 68 electors have already added their names to an open letter to National Intelligence Director James Clapper demanding an intelligence briefing ahead of the vote, and at least one Republican elector has publicly stated he will not cast his ballot for Trump. But several of the 538 total electors, including former president Bill Clinton, have remained silent on the issue.

With so much uncertainty and mistrust surrounding the American democratic process, many are taking to Twitter to plead with electors one last time before they gather to select the next president of the United States next week. They are using varied approaches, but what effect will they have?

#EsteemedElectors is currently trending on Twitter. And though the tweets come from both sides of the political fence, the fact that so much attention is being focused on possible faithless electors shows just how not only contentious but desperate this election has become in the days since the last polls closed.

Evoking The Legacy Of The Founding Fathers

Using Analogies

Getting Straight To The Point

Saying "Please"

Outright Begging

Pleading tweets join a collection of petitions, open letters, and even full-page newspaper ads targeting the electors in a last-ditch attempt to keep Trump, who is at best a political rookie and at worst a demagogue, from assuming the highest government position in the nation. The president-elect has yet to comment (or tweet) about potential faithless electors, but the Clinton team has made their stance clear with a statement from John Podesta supporting the call for a pre-vote intelligence briefing.

Trump's behavior, combined with his conflicts of interest, recent intelligence revelations, and the huge discrepancy between the popular vote and the Electoral College, creates perhaps one of the most uncertain electoral votes since the 19th century. Clearly, Americans will continue to take to Twitter with their increasingly desperate pleas until decision day on Dec. 19, all as the world watches.