11 Sex Toy Gifts For Gadget Lovers

If the best stocking stuffers you can find usually revolve around socks and stale candy, it's time to pick it up a notch. There are so many cool, nifty gifts that you can get for someone special in your life — and if you have a gadget lover, even better. But before you reach for another fitness tracker or selfie stick, why not look for something a little more sexy? Sex toys have a whole new edge to them. They can sync to your favorite playlist, your favorite app, they even let you masturbate your partner around the world. Sounds a lot more fun than counting your steps, right?

And if all of this sounds a bit too fancy, don't worry — there are sex toys out there with a techhie edge that fit every budget. So you can full-on splurge or just find something small and discreet for your next vacation (or to help you survive the holidays with your parents). Plus, even though it's a gift "for them", let's be honest, you're both really, really going to enjoy it. Go for something you'll both love.

So check out these sex toys perfect for the techie in your life, because is there any better gift than connecting with your partner?

1. Hugo

Sex toys with remotes are always a good choice for a gadget lover. And plus, they're just damn fun— I mean, you get to control what your partner is feeling from across the room. But normally these are vibrating eggs made for a woman. If you have a male partner, with Hugo, you can give them a partner a prostate massage from across the room.

Hugo, $219, Babeland

2. Lovely

You know how fitness trackers are supposed to help you be active? Well, think of this as a tracker for your sex life. You wear it during sex and the app tracks you, gives you feedback, and even ideas for new positions. The future is really here.

Lovely, $99 (pre-order), Our Lovely

3. OhMibod BlueMotion Remote Vibrator

Another distance-enabled vibrator, OhMiBod has a nifty app that you can use to control it from afar, or set vibration patterns to play with later. Talk about giving your partner something fun to come home to.

OhMibod BlueMotion Remote Vibrator, $129, Babeland

4. Womanizer Deluxe

For a techie geek, this toy adds a whole new type of technology. Rather than a traditional vibrator, the focus here is on suction— and they bet they can make you orgasm in three minutes or less. Are you up for the challenge?

Womanizer Deluxe, $219, Babeland

5. Crave Bullet

A 24-karat gold vibe that you can recharge it in your USB port. Talk about techie and sleek.

Crave Bullet, $69, Babeland

6. Remoji M-Cup

We're basically one step away from a sex robot with this masturbation sleeve, which lets him get off hands-free. Plus, you can use an app if you want to take over when your partner is far away.

Remoji M-Cup, $129, Babeland

7. We-Vibe Sync

We Vibe is reliable for amazing toys, but this one is extra fun because it's adjustable. So no more feeling like you have a cumbersome toy that doesn't quite fit during sex, this allows you to adjust it to the right fit and then use hands-free during sex. Fun for both of you.

We-Vibe Sync, $199, Babeland

8. Ooh What Happens In Vegas Set

A gadgety dream and efficient to boot, there are a whole lot of ways to mix it up. There's one motor than you charge with a USB and several different covers that you can interchange, giving you a whole range of toys from one motor. This set give you a traditional vibrator and a cock ring option, so something for everyone.

Ooh What Happens In Vegas Set, $105, Babeland

9. Tenga VI-BO Cock Ring

I'm a big fan of cock rings as an introduction to sex toys, and this one has a modern, sleek look to appeal to everyone. Plus, it has a bullet vibrator that can be used for either of you, so you can both share in the gadgety fun.

Tenga VI-BO Cock Ring, $24, Babeland

10. Waterdancer

A 'power massager'— so you know it's strong, this little guy is also waterproof, so your gadget lover can play with it anywhere. Small, discreet, waterproof, it all sounds like a perfect vacation treat to me.

Waterdancer, $30, Babeland

11. Fukuoku 9000

Not only is this fingertip vibrator great for a little bit of extra sensation everywhere, there are a few different sleeves so you can play around with texture. And it's the perfect size for a stocking stuffer.

Fukuoku 9000, $30, Babeland

Sex toys have come a long way and some of the technology you find in them is astounding. Whether you're looking for all out high-tech or just something a little different, this is just a fraction of what's available for your favorite gadget lover.

Images: Crave/YouTube; Our Lovely; Babeland