'Star Wars'-Themed Makeup Brushes Might Exist Soon, Thanks To The Amazing Storybooks Cosmetics Brand

Welp. Storybook Cosmetics has done it again. The company that brought us Harry Potter-inspired makeup brushes and Mean Girls and Wizard of Oz palettes has a new project in the works, and it may just be the best one yet: A Star Wars makeup brush set.

On Thursday afternoon, the ladies of Storybook took to Instagram to share a rough mockup of what they hope will be their next big launch. "Time to send positive vibes, and hope @disney & @starwars sell us the licensing to make this happen for you guys!" they wrote in the caption of a photo featuring two lightsaber-inspired contouring brushes. The set is expected to include five brushes in total, and the ones in the picture are giving off serious wand collection vibes.

Getting approval for these types of things can be tricky (the brand's "Harry Potter" collections have since become "wizarding and witchcraft" collections instead for this exact reason) but considering Star Wars has partnered with companies like Target and Covergirl in the past on makeup launches, our fingers are crossed that this one goes through too. It certainly won't hurt matters for the brand to have the entire internet on their side to help try to convince the franchise to partner with them, and fans are taking to the comments section of the Instagram post to share their thoughts. "Honestly this made my tear up a bit. Hopefully this comes to reality!" wrote user @emmtimmins. "I would die of happiness 😭💕" wrote @reptiliar.

This potential collaboration is especially exciting because female fans of Star Wars are often left out of the franchises fandom (who could forget the whole #WheresRey debacle in the latest Monopoly release), and the Storybook team is helping to prove that loving makeup and nerd culture don't have to be mutually exclusive.

As Storybook Cosmetics would say, "May the fierce be with you.

Images: StorybookCosmetics/Instagram