The Most-Asked For Beauty Brands In Each State For The 2016 Holiday Season Will Help You Target Your Shopping — INFOGRAPHIC

If you put Anastasia's Glow Kit on your wish list this holiday season, you're not alone. Had your eye on Urban Decay's Blackmail Vice Lipstick Palette, and offhandedly dropped it to a friend? You have peers. Directly told your S.O. you want ColourPop's Hello Kitty Range, and you want it all? Get thee to Nebraska: A new poll from the stat-trackers over at Influenster found the most-asked for beauty brands by state this holiday season. What brands are most popular for holiday presents? Take a look for some wish list ideas.

Of the 4,065 women Influenster polled online, Anastasia Beverly Hills swept the competition, a win Influenster attributes to the bold brow comeback (although given the trend's length and strength, it's basically a way of life at this point). Add on the popularity of ABH's highlighters and contour kit, and it's no wonder they dominated the map, taking both California and Texas.

Coming in second was Urban Decay, winning the "heart of the Midwest." A "wild hit with millennial women," the brand's Naked palette is going strong as the most popular eyeshadow in the world, so no surprises that it represented in the U.S. In third place for total number of votes was M.A.C. Cosmetics, known and loved for their lipsticks. According to Influenster's write-up, the brand has "made a conscious effort to target the younger audience with the opening of youth format stores" — those targeting teens and tweens — and it's paid off.

Outside of the main winners, things got less conclusive. BareMinerals took Iowa, Oklahoma, Wyoming, and Wisconsin, while Too Faced took Alaska, North Dakota, Oregon, and South Carolina.

ColourPop devotees are concentrated in Nebraska, while Maryland and Massachusetts are the place to be for Kat Von D lovers. Interesting on its own, you can use this data wisely to shop for Secret Santas and people you don't know that well. If everyone in your state is asking for a brand, it could mean it's best suited for the climate there... or it's just a regional fav.

Either way, a win-win for making you look good, literally and figuratively.

Images: UrbanDecayCosmetics/Instagram (1); Courtesy of Influenster (1);