How Much Is Glossier's Balm Dotcom Gift Set? It's Quite A Deal For Mega Moist Lips

Time is certainly running out for holiday shopping. But there is a cute gift set that you can grab on the quick, perhaps for a pal you will see a few days after Christmas? Or you can gift yourself, since you deserve hydrated and healthy lips! Glossier's flavored Balm Dotcom Gift set boasts four of the brand's flavored, mega moisturizing salves. The yummy set includes Rose, Cherry, Coconut, and Mint. Coconut is my personal fave, since it's delish and keeps my lips super soft and kissable. While Coconut and Mint are clear but add some sheen, you get a kick of color from Rose and Cherry.

The Balm Dotcoms are typically Glossier — minimalist but effective. How much is the Glossier Balm Dotcom Set, which is limited edition?

The set is crazy affordable and a total steal. The Glossier Balm Dotcom Set comes with a $40 price tag. Since you get four shades/flavors, that shakes out to $10 a tube. For such a quality, get-you-through-the-polar-vortex balm, that's quite a deal. You can swap out flavors to suit your mood and keep them in the pockets of your winter coats or in your crossbodies so you are never without!

Glossier even notes in the product description that you save $8 by purchasing the Balm Dotcom set. So why not?

Glossier's Balm Dotcoms are gimmick-free and totally effective. They just... do the job. Coconut smells like a beachy dream, too. It really does banish chapped lips for me in winter, while transporting me back to the summer, thanks to the scent.

Balm Dotcom is bomb AF. Try saying that 10 times and fast! If you grab a set or two now, you should get them by Christmas. You can break up the set as stocking stuffers for four different people or you can gift it as a whole. Or you can just be selfish and keep it for yourself.

Three's a party. Four's the best.

The Balm Dotcoms offer a hint of sheen and a whole lot of moisture.

Images: Glossier/Instagram (1); Courtesy of Glossier (3)