Where To Buy The New Kimoji Holiday Merch Because It's So, So Good — PHOTOS

Just in time for the holidays, Kim Kardashian has released a slew of impeccable merch. I can't say I expected anything less, but who could have predicted she would do it so well — Kim Kardashian's new Kimoji merchandise is in a league of its own. I'm talking butt-shaped external chargers, "Savage"-branded bras, middle finger sweatshirts. I'm talking a Kimoji Cry Face Air Freshener. If you're wondering where to buy the latest Kimoji merch, well, right this way.

It's all available on her website, KimKardashianWest.com. No surprises there, and it's fine, because the product is surprise enough — Kardashian slipped this to us with nary a hype, outside a few videos posted on the new Kimoji Instagram account. It's a sharp turn from sister Kylie Jenner's tactic of building hype... and building it, and building it... but the instant gratification is a nice twist. There's a Kardashian sales tactic for every taste. Although, I'm not sure anyone really needs to be sold on these items. They sell themselves.

Clothing-wise, you can pick up an aforementioned "Savage"-branded bra or underwear, or a pair of black fur slides emblazoned with an iconic Kardashian West saying (choose from "FML," "Zero Fucks," and "Wifey.") Feast your eyes.

Kimoji Zero Fucks Fur Slides, $60, Kimkardashianwest.com

The phrases "Savage," "Turbo THOT" and "Wifey" also come on slides without the fur, if you're feeling more utilitarian in your Kardashian West slide choice.

Kimoji Middle Finger Mood Crew Sweatshirt, $60, Kimkardashianwest.com

Or bundle up with a sweatshirt. You can get one with "Mood" on the front and a middle finger on the back, or a variation with "Staff" on the front," Kim K on a pole on the front.

Kimoji Pizza Heart Sock, $9, Kimkardashianwest.com

Even the socks are fantastic, coming in rainbow heart, pizza heart, and broken heart varieties.

Kimoji Butt Patch, $6, Kimkardashianwest.com

If you have quite enough clothes, thanks, Kardashian West still has you covered. Accessories to choose from include patches that are 100 percent on theme: "Zero Fucks," pizza heart, middle finger, Kimoji butt.

KIMOJI Butt Portable Charger, $40, Kimkardashianwest.com

These next two are the pinnacle of the collection, in my opinion. Take your entire life up a notch with the Kimoji Butt Portable Charger. Compatible with all smartphones (because the USB cord isn't included, but no matter). And now, the merch we've all been waiting for...

Kimoji Cry Face Air Freshener, $8, Kimkardashianwest.com

It's baby powder scented. And these are just the highlights — head over to Kardashian West's store to see the full collection.

Images: Courtesy of Brand