Beyonce Performed At Her Company’s Holiday Party, So Prepare To Be Jealous Of Everyone Who Works There — VIDEO

I'll be completely honest with you. The absolute last thing I expected to hear when it came to holiday parties, was that Queen Bey herself went and sang at one. But, according to E! Online, that is exactly what happened. Per the site, Beyoncé performed at a holiday party for her record company, which was hosted by none other than Quincy Jones. So, you know, totally not a big deal. Completely casual.

In addition to the aforementioned greatness, E! also reports that the Parkwood Entertainment party, "Doubled as a private screening for her hit visual album Lemonade," which, other than making this party perhaps the most entertaining sequence of events to happen in 2016, basically means this party was entirely Beyoncé themed.

Other than being struck with divine holiday party decor inspiration thanks to this news, you should know that a Beyoncé themed holiday party is exactly as amazing as you'd expect. The singer's performance was of concert-level caliber, and it looked like Bey may have been enjoying it even more than the audience themselves. If that is at all possible, which, it may not be. Let's be real, here. You can't fully appreciate a Bey performance if you're Bey herself.

The site also reported that there was a Lemonade costume exhibit with Bey's get-ups from the music video. But, that's not all! The party goers were also gifted popcorn bags with Beyoncé's iconic "Formation" headshot stamped on them in addition to Lemonhead candies. The best part? The treats were apparently handed out prior to the performance and the concert and served as a hint to who the "secret" performer would be, as evidenced by a party goer's Instagram caption.

While we may never be fortunate enough to be at a Bey-mas party, at least we can live vicariously through others' wild experiences. Besides, like I said, at least now we know there's a whole new way to celebrate the holidays and we have a jumping off point for how it should all go down.