How To Win A Glossier Gift Card So You Can Shop Must-Have Beauty Items

Since it’s freezing cold out, you need to have products that deliver major moisturization on-hand. If you’re reaching for the nearest tube of lip balm or rubbing lotion on your hands right about now because your you feel chapped just thinking about the cold, then you def need to find out how to enter to win a gift card from Glossier. Because having more of these skincare items around would increase your quality of life greatly, I swear.

I’m never too far out of reach from the hydrating Priming Moisutirzer or Balm Dotcom flavors I own. I’ve hoarded tubes of the plain balm as well as the Coconut, and I love them both equally. They have mega healing power, and that’s exactly why you’ve got to get some and stuff it in your bag, your work desk, your car — basically anywhere and everywhere you can think of. And with the primer, my face never feels dry or gets flaky because this brand's found the perfect way to combat your winter skin woes.

According to Instagram, you can score a free Glossier gift card by tagging a friend in the comment section. And, as a fun bonus, you can also guess how many Balm Dotcoms are in that pile, but I don’t think that’s necessary to be eligible. Winners will be messaged on Dec. 19, so I’m guessing you have between now and then to enter.

They wrote "winner" and not "winners," so there may only be one lucky person walking away with this free store credit.

Glossier just launched the option to mail gift cards, and now they're giving them away for free! Yippie!

What will you buy with your gift card? Items that will improve your skincare routine?

Products that soothe and condition?

Or is party-ready makeup more your thing?

There's no wrong way to shop these goods! So, go ahead and enter through Instagram for a chance to cop some must-haves with no cost to you. Because the only thing better than Glossier, is free Glossier. If you can't wait til Dec. 19 to see if you won, head on over to the website and still find deals on products. The holiday season's the perfect time to get discounts, after all.

Images: glossier/Instagram (1)