Stay Warm With These Winter Solstice Memes

The first day of winter — also known as the winter solstice — takes place Dec. 21, and you know what that means: If you haven't done so already, break out the biggest coat you have, because it's about to get seriously cold. The winter solstice marks that time of a year when the days are shorter, temperatures are dropping, and the snow is making your morning commute even tougher than usual. But don't panic: Though winter can be a bit of a downer sometimes, we have just the thing to cure your seasonal blues: some hilarious winter solstice memes.

One of the best ways to survive winter — besides very warm clothing, lots of blankets, and plenty of hot chocolate — is by maintaining a sense of humor. After all, for a few weeks, we're all in the same boat: basically just keeping ourselves buried in layers until spring finally arrives and we don't have to worry about slipping in ice or losing our gloves anymore. But there's no reason we can't share some laughs while we count down the days, is there?

These super funny winter solstice memes manage to capture all our mixed feelings about the season. Check them out below and stay warm, everybody!

1. Getting Ready For The Season Like...

It wouldn't be winter without an obvious Game of Thrones reference.

2. The Uncooperative Weather

So these last few weeks of cold weren't winter?

3. The Struggles Of Chilly Mornings

As if getting up in the mornings wasn't hard enough already.

4. The Daily Challenges Like...

How do we get to the happy medium?!

5. The Small Victories

Only 10 bucks? SCORE.

6. The Winter Naysayers

For some, denial is the best coping strategy.

7. The Countdown

How many days is it until spring again?

8. The Endless Snowfall many inches of snow are we expecting this week?

9. The Lengths We All Go To Stay Warm

Whatever it takes to not freeze.

10. While Those Lucky West Coasters Are Like...

Meanwhile, the rest of the country thinks, "Why don't I live somewhere warmer?"

11. The Long Journey To Work

Why aren't there more snow days for adults?

12. The Daily Jingle

Please don't let it snow.

13. And Finally...

If Walken can do it, we all can.

Images: Michail Prohorov/Unsplash; (6); Meme Center; Meme Generator; We Know Memes (5)