'Scandal' Might Have a Shortened Season, But It's Definitely Not Short on Shocking Moments

It still feels like Scandal only just got back from the longest winter hiatus in the history of ever, and so it's really, really sad to contemplate the fact that there are only two episodes left in its shortened season. Damn you, Kerry Washington for getting pregnant with what is sure to be the world's most beautiful baby! What on earth are we going to do once this season finishes. Wait for another one?

Well, one thing seems to be for sure: Shonda Rhimes and the rest of the Scandal writer's room aren't going to let the few episodes we have this season be boring. And though there have been plenty of moments this season that have been somewhat lacking – not to mention everyone seems to have gotten progressively worse and worse at being covert about their dirty little secrets – the latest episode is chock full of moments that make you want sit up with your popcorn and red wine and just go "Hot Damn!"

Here are the highlights.

Olivia Threatens Andrew

Things are not going well on the Grant campaign, probably because Fitz is too busy being a hypocrite about Mellie and Andrew sleeping together. After Olivia finally convinces him that he can't drop the vice presidential candidate he selected for someone she would have wanted him to choose instead, he sends her to get Andrew to stop sleeping with Mellie. And you have to feel a little sorry for Andrew, because Olivia is in top form for this one. She basically says he can dump Mellie now or else she will ruin his career and Mellie will then dump him, because let's be honest, Mellie Grant does not date disgraced former politicians.

Restin's wife

Meanwhile, on the Grant campaign, there's still that small matter of the other candidates, but Abby proves herself to be an admirable Olivia Pope ambassador to the White House by leaking Pope and Associates' file from that time they inadvertently helped Restin get away with murder to Restin's incarcerated wife. And then Abby also leaks the recording she made of Restin's wife confronting him and him threatening her to keep quiet. So that takes care of Restin. Stop staring, Leo, she's just better than you.

Mellie Slaps Fitz

After watching Mellie be the political genius she is in the aftermath of Restin's downfall, Andrew decides to take Olivia up on her offer, and breaks things off with Mellie. And since she's not an idiot, she figures out pretty quickly where this came from, leading her to slap Fitz – in the Oval Office in front of staff. Remember what I said about people not being very good at hiding stuff anymore? Yeah...

Mama Pope Crashes Family Dinner

Meanwhile, in Olivia's personal life, her mother crashes her already bizarre Sunday dinner with her father. What, your terrorist mom never crashes the dinner where you were plotting the downfall of a secret government agency with your father so that the two of them can threaten each other with steak knives? But, hey, they all like nice wine, so maybe they all have a shot at a relationship after all.

Olivia Seduces Jake

With Eli's help, Pope and Associates figures out a way to bring down B6-13. All they have to do? Get Jake Ballard's phone. Next to impossible right? Well, who he still says will betray them. But the point is we all do things we don't want to do. So she sleeps with him, gets the unless you're Olivia. She's obviously not wild on the idea, but Huck points out he wasn't wild on working with her father, phone, and feels pretty icky about it. But as Abby reminds her "You're a gladiator."

Mama Pope has a Bomb

And we are going to need some gladiators, it would seem, because Mama Pope has a bomb. Or, as Charlie refers to it while he and Quinn are out on surveillance, "The Mona Lisa of Boom." Quinn wants to move in, Charlie somehow takes this as a sign she's still loyal to Olivia, and Jake wants them to hold position until they hear what the plans for it are. Before the merry band of terrorists reaches a verdict on whether to use it at the White House or on the campaign trail, however, something even more shocking happens.

Pope and Associates Takes Down B6-13

It's pretty amazing what Huck can so when you give him a phone. And you have to be happy for him, finally getting to press the button to shut down the organization that ruined his life – literally shut them down, as in turn off their power. Which is a huge victory for Pope and Associates and everyone who doesn't like their tax dollars going to covert assassinations, but as Jake points out when he interrupts the Pope and Associate champagne toast to grab Liv by the throat and throw her against the wall, they might have just killed the president.

Image: ABC.com