Queen Bey's Christmas Tree Is Unbelievable

Sorry Santa, all I want for Christmas is an invitation to Beyoncé's house. I promise you the North Pole has nothing on Beyoncé's Christmas tree. Queen Bey took to Instagram over the weekend to post a homemade music video clearly designed to spread holiday cheer and serious tree envy. Set to Tamar Braxton's cover of "Sleigh Ride," the Instagram video features Beyoncé's 10-foot Christmas tree, her two other trees, and Beyoncé herself rocking reindeer antlers. It is without a doubt the happiest video to hit the Internet in 2016, guys.

While 2016 is the year to spawn a million memes about its awfulness, Beyoncé has been owning it since the year began. She kicked off January with her powerful video for "Formation," made "slay" an integral part of the world's vocabulary, released her brilliant visual album Lemonade, and publicly endorsed Hillary Clinton for president while wearing a pantsuit. It only seems fitting for her to say goodbye to 2016 with as much style and confidence as she put into making this year a landmark one for her career, and what better way to bid the year adieu than with some truly awe-inspiring holiday decorating skills?

Prepare yourself because Beyoncé's Christmas Instagram post is almost too amazing to absorb all at once. It is pure, undiluted holiday cheer and I promise it will only make you love Beyoncé more. (Yes, that is a thing that can happen.)

The best part about the video is just how relatable it is — Beyoncé is an undisputed life hero to her legion of fans, but she gets just as giddy about the holidays as everyone else. Just look at how happy she is pretending to be a reindeer. Even Beyoncé still gets impressed about the little things in life, and that's exactly why she is so beloved. She's both Queen Bey and Beyoncé, a woman who absolutely adores Christmas.

Her video shows off not only her supersized Christmas tree with its perfect purple and silver color scheme, but also what has to be Blue Ivy's little tree decorated with ballerinas and all things pink, and a traditional looking third tree. The third tree is curious because it is so simple compared to the other two. Either it belongs to Jay Z, or it is decorated in a style meaningful to the family. It is a sweet reminder no matter how famous someone gets, traditions should never be forgotten.

If you are feeling down this holiday season, I recommend putting Beyoncé's Instagram video on repeat and enjoying her unabashed love for the holidays. It is impossible not to smile at Bey slaying Christmas with as much passion and energy as she slayed everything else in 2016.