Giuliana Rancic Celebrates Being Cancer-Free

The year 2016 was full of all sorts of bad news, but there were at least a few happy moments. For instance, Giuliana Rancic took to Instagram to celebrate 5 years of being cancer-free on Sunday, Dec 18. Rancic, a television personality known for her work with E! News, shared an silhouetted image of herself standing before the sun and the beach, along with a beautifully written post about her journey. Her words are a perfect reminder for anyone struggling with, well, anything — whether it's sickness, being out of work, or feeling perpetually alone.

In Rancic's post, she shares a motto that helped her get through her journey with breast cancer: "Everything will be OK in the end. If it's not OK, it's not the end." As a reminder, in 2011, Rancic went on the Today Show and revealed to Ann Curry that she was taken "kicking and screaming" to get a mammogram before she had a baby with the aid of in vitro fertilization because, as the doctor put it, "I don't care if you're 26 or 36, but I will not get you pregnant if possibly there's a small risk that you have cancer because the hormones will accelerate the cancer." At 36, Rancic wasn't expecting to have anything wrong, but it turned out she was in the early stages of breast cancer. In a 2012 interview with Glamour, Rancic revealed that she underwent a lumpectomy, and later a mastectomy to eliminate all the cancer cells.

The five-year mark for being cancer-free is a major milestone. As Rancic reminds us in her post, after the five-year mark, "the odds of the breast cancer coming back are not gone but exponentially lower." And just because Rancic has reached this milestone, that doesn't mean she's forgetting her past. She put it beautifully here: "Breast cancer is more of my history, less of my present, but that doesn't mean I am leaving this battlefield."

Rancic's entire note and her story is beautiful, as well as hugely inspiring. Congratulations to Rancic on making it to this notable day, and all the wishes in the world that she remains happy and healthy.

Images: giulianarancic/Instagram