9 Reactions To Camila Cabello's Quitting Fifth Harmony That Will Give You All The Feels

ATLANTA, GA - DECEMBER 16: Camila Cabello of Fifth Harmony performs onstage during Power 96.1's Jingle Ball 2016 at Philips Arena on December 16, 2016 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Marcus Ingram/Getty Images for iHeart)
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Early on Monday morning — 12 a.m. ET to be exact — Fifth Harmony declared Camila Cabello would be leaving the band via a statement posted to Twitter. Though the reasoning behind the move wasn't explained, Cabello's now-former bandmates wished her all the best and let fans know that despite the loss, Fifth Harmony would continue to make music. In fact, as recently as Dec. 9, the quintet had hinted towards a third album

Update: On Monday afternoon, Cabello released a statement, saying that she is indeed going solo, but that, contrary to what they said in the original tweet, her former bandmates were aware of her intentions to leave and they had had "long, much needed conversations about the future" that led to this point. "I'm excited and full of joy because I know, no matter what happens, I am following my heart," she closed the statement. "I hope to see you on my journey."

Earlier: Since its genesis in 2012 on the XFactor TV show, the group has experienced wild popularity after at least two of its singles — one from each of their two albums — climbed up to the Billboard Top 100 list. The song "Work from Home" from the album 7/27, for example, made its way up to number four on the influential roster. That's not to say, however, that the individual performers don't have their own solo projects going on. 

Only naturally, Cabello's exit has generated some intense reactions on Twitter from both fans and critics. Some hoped it was just an early (albeit cruel) April Fools' joke. Others claimed to have expected Cabello to leave all along. And honestly, if they truly saw this one coming, that's pretty impressive considering the group had just performed in the iHeart Radio Jingle Ball Tour earlier in December at New York City's Madison Square Garden. Here are some of the best reactions to Cabello's leaving: 

What About Fifth Harmony? 

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They're going to have to move on. 

A Poem 

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Her Fans Are Still Behind Her 

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Comparisons To Zayn 

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The Grieving Period 

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She Will Be Defended 

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Some Pure Speculation 

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I have to say, it's an insightful observation, but Cabello has stayed silent on the matter, so her reason for leaving has yet to be mentioned or confirmed. And perhaps it never will be. 

Those Lauren Fans ... 

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Don't Try To Deny It 

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Cabello isn't going anywhere. Chances are, she will continue a career in the music industry — perhaps even a solo one. Nevertheless, it's clear her fans will need some time to heal from this one. 

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