How To Tell If You Have Instagram Stickers

Instagram is on fire, introducing yet another update: stickers! For those wondering how to tell if you have Instagram stickers, it works similar to most other updates. It's a much welcomed addition to the popular platform, as stickers are already a fun feature on other social media sites like Twitter and Snapchat. And with this being just the latest in a string of awesome updates, Instagram is at the top of its game.

Stickers are the reason I was once able to put a party hat and bowtie on my dog; and now, it's coming to Instagram. So how do you get the update? The available stickers will allow you to display the time, weather, or location — all with different styles to reflect your mood. Users will also be able to adjust stickers to different sizes, angles, and locations with their images and videos. To access the new feature, update to the latest version of the app through your app store. Then, force quit Insta and reopen it. After you've taken a photo or video you want to share, you'll see a smiley face icon at the top, right next to the drawing and text tools. It will look like this:

Tapping this will allow you to add stickers, which will display in a library.

If you don't see the smiley face and sticker options right away, then never fear — again, try force quitting or uninstalling and reinstalling the app, and if you still don't see it, then remain patient. The rollout began on Tuesday, Dec. 20, so all Insta users should get it in good time.

Instagram is on a roll lately, constantly offering a more personalized and easy-to-use experience. Earlier this month, the platform gave Instagrammers the ability to bookmark posts they want to come back to later, which are saved in a tab only they can see (a new personal favorite of mine) — as well as remove followers from their private account without having to block them. And back in November, we were introduced to Instagram live, which allows you to connect with your audience at the drop of a hat for a real-time experience.

These days, the social media app that was once largely considered a mere photo album is so much more. Instagram has turned into an arena where people can come together in shared interests, promote awareness for brands and businesses, and post pictures of their dogs being adorable (that would be me).

Images: Giphy; Pexels; Emma Lord/Bustle