What's In The Eylure x The Vlogger Series Lash Collection? There's Lots Of Styles To Choose From

This year might be coming to an end, but the collaborations sure aren't. Eylure teamed up with four beauty vloggers to bring fans an entire lash collection. Because when influencers and brands come together, beautiful products happen. What's in the Eylure x The Vlogger Series Collection, you ask. There's everything from natural to high-glam, so no one will be disappointed.

Just when you thought you had all of your holiday shopping done, yet another collab comes out. On top of having recent collections with Vegas Nay and Fleur de Force, they've teamed up with four more women as well. Vloggers Nicole Guerriero, Ann Le, Sarai Jones, and Nikki Phillippi each created two new lash styles for the line. Believe me when I say that you're going to want them all.

Each vlogger has a natural and glam option, making it an eight piece collection. No matter what style you're looking for, there's something for you. The best part is that they're all currently available exclusively on the Walgreens website. They'll also be in stores on Jan. 3. Oh, and they're only $7.99 each, so you can stock up on all of your favorites without breaking the bank. How awesome is that!

Unfortunately, with so many subscribers and fans out there, these lashes are going fast. Both of Guerriero's styles are already sold out online. You'll still have a chance to buy them in stores though. Here's every single option, so you can choose your favorites.

1. No Filter Needed

Eylure x KrazyRayRay No Filter Needed, $8, Walgreens

These lashes are full but still natural looking and perfect for everyday.


Eylure x KrazyRayRay #KRAZYGLAM, $9, Walgreens

Her glam look is absolutely stunning with the long and short lashes.


Eylure x Nikki Phillippi #MIDNIGHTMEOW, $9, Walgreens

These wispy lashes are a real standout in the line.

4. Flirty Feline

Eylure x Nikki Phillippi Flirty Feline, $8, Walgreens

Full but not too heavy, these are my personal favorites in the line.

5. Casually Glamorous

Eylure x Nicole Guerriero Casually Glamorous, $8, Walgreens

Even with her everyday look, this vlogger still packs on the glam.


Eylure x Nicole Guerriero #ONEFOURTHREE, $9, Walgreens

It's clear to see why this style was the first to sell out.

7. So Lovely

Eylure x Ann Lee So Lovely, $8, Walgreens

You can't get any more full than this!

8. #SoFancy

Eylure x Ann Lee #SoFancy, $9, Walgreens

Even for an everyday look, you'll still feel glam in this pair of lashes.

There really is something for everyone!

Images: NicoleGuerriero/Instagram (1), Walgreens (8)