Emma Tells Us What We Should Have Known

One thing that always blows my mind about celebrities is that they were real people before they became celebrities. While it's great that we have celebrities like Lorde showing us that they have physical flaws or like Emma Watson deriding the standards of perfection Hollywood expects everyone to adhere to, it can also seem a bit hard to relate to someone who made more money in one movie than you ever will in your whole life. So when they reveal hidden talents, like Bradley Cooper learning to speak French while studying in Paris, like Chris Colfer displaying his talent with Japanese sai swords, or like Watson revealing that she is a certified yoga instructor, that's when I remember that they aren't highly sophisticated androids constructed in some Hollywood laboratory. Probably.

Watson's certification might not entirely be a surprise. She's always had her mind on a broader future for herself than just acting. She was the only one of the three Harry Potter stars that, at one point, gave everyone a heart attack wondering whether she was going to commit to filming all eight of the movies before she walked away from the franchise. Watson told Elle Australia, "I was like ‘I need to find a way to always feel safe and at home within myself. Because I can never rely on a physical place." That feeling led her to take up yoga and along the way she got certified to teach it.

If we look back, we all should have seen this coming. Hasn't she been giving us clues for years?

She's Quick

While Hermione Granger was busy saving lives, kicking asses, and taking names, Emma Watson was busy settling the question that's been on all our minds since the dawn of forever: Which of the Trio is the fastest? Of course, it's a question that continues to haunt us since all three of them claim that they won, but Watson still proved that she is the queen of athletic prowess, if only because there were no other girls competing.

She's Flexible

The Bling Ring had a completely different feel from the Harry Potter films (which is probably what Watson was going for there), but it did display more of Watson's athletic side. When her character did an impromptu pole dance at the behest of her friends and fellow criminals, Watson was displaying flexibility not only as an actress but as a person. If she can pole dance with the best of them, then yoga has got to be a breeze for her.

She's a Dancing Queen

Remember that time she and Jimmy Fallon performed an entire dance routine? Not only is Watson fast and flexible, she's also talented at executing choreography. Yoga is all about twisting and bending your body into many different pre-decided moves and Watson has already proven on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon that she can more than keep up. In fact, yoga would probably be boring to learn compared to dancing considering it's at a much slower pace and involves a lot less running leaps.

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