You Need This JJD Hair Tool In Your Life

This singer and fashion/beauty guru has been helping you get your look on-point since she launched her clothing line and created her very own amazing-smelling hair perfume. But now, she’s come up with yet another way to help you perfect your laid-back (but still totally glam) vibes. How much is the Jessie James Decker X Fave4Hair curling iron? You’re going to want to add this to your cart immediately.

Decker’s teamed up with the same company that brought her Bless Your Hair perfume to life to create a wand that’s perfect for longer lengths. It’s got a longer barrel than normal and will give you those perfectly loose, tousled curls JJD’s known for. You can purchase the product for just $65 on the Fave4Hair website.

At the time of publication, the tool was still in stock, but you better make a purchase ASAP if you’re hoping to have this as a stocking stuffer. You can choose FedEx ground shipping for a possible Christmas delivery, according to the website. But, no matter when this product arrives, one thing’s for sure — 2017 is going to be the year of amazing locks for you. Because it just doesn’t get better than Decker-style beachy waves, all day, everyday!

For flawless flowing curls, look no further.

I'll gladly use any product that's Decker-approved.

Top off your styling with some incredible scents, and you'll have your beauty routine down pat.

This utensil is sure to give you major "woke up like this" vibes, you know, just like the ones you know and love from JJD.

Jessie James Decker Soft Waves Curling Iron, $65, Fave4Hair

The fact that you can take your mane to the next level for only 65 bucks is pretty darn incredible. Was JJD X Fave4Hair looking out for you or what?

Images: Courtesy Fave4Hair (1)