When Does MAC's Prep And Prime Oils Collection Come Out? You Won't Have To Wait Too Long

You won't have to worry about post-Christmas blues because MAC Cosmetics is about to release a new line of products totally unique to the brand. For a beauty brand that's known for its bold looks and colorful makeup products, MAC's new Prime and Prep Oils Collection is totally unexpected and unlike anything they've created before. In other words, I'm stoked! But exactly when will these new primers be available for you? If you haven't spent all of your money while holiday shopping, you can snag one of these oils for $27 beginning on Dec. 26

These new primers feature plant-derived essential oils and can be used alone on your skin, under makeup, or even mixed into your own skincare line. MAC is offering the primer oils in three different scents including grapefruit and chamomile scent, sweet orange and lavender, and Yuzu and will come in a 14 ml glass dropper bottle — the perfect size to throw in your makeup bag when on the go. MAC ensures these new oils will leave your skin glowing and energized — the perfect skin treatment for after the holidays and during colder winter months.

Along with the three different dropper oils, you can also get MAC's Prime and Prep Essential Oils Stick that will provide the same moisturizing properties but is in a more convenient tube and instant balm-type formula. You're going to want to get your hands on these new oils starting Dec. 26 because there's no better time to amp up your skincare routine than in the winter.

MAC Prime + Prep Essential Oils, $27, maccosmetics.com

MAC Prime + Prep Essential Oils, $27, maccosmetics.com

Images: Courtesy of MAC Cosmetics